By Raven3434 - United States
Today, my boyfriend found out that he has kidney failure. He was feeling sick for a few weeks and I had told him to drink lots of fluids and eat vegetables. Apparently that is really bad for kidney patients. I was killing him with water and spinach salads. FML
Raven3434 tells us more :
Just to put it out there, he had complete kidney failure. He is now on dialysis. His kidneys are toast and he needs a transplant. Apparently it was caused by years of high blood pressure. His kidneys were in trouble before we even met. And I had been encouraging him to go to the doctor. He had seen a few doctors, but nobody diagnosed him until his lungs were full of fluid. He can't drink too much fluid because he can't get rid of it without dialysis. He cant eat too many fruits or vegetables because he can't process out the extra phosphate and potassium. He also has to limit his sodium, but that wasn't part of my original post. Just wanted to clarify things. Thanks to all of you out there who offered support. Its been a really hard time.
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  Achall91  |  17

It's not really "playing doctor" by suggesting someone drink lots of fluids and eat vegetables, it's just common sense that that's good for you and if you feel sick or even like your about to come down with a cold then you should eat healthier. Not really something you need to be a professional to suggest.