By and he wonders why I'm anxious - 25/02/2016 22:41 - Netherlands

Today, after years of torment by my anxiety disorders and therapy and medication not helping, I've made the decision to try hypnosis. After doing a Google search and finding out my therapist is a man, my overly jealous fiancé insisted on joining, "because he might hypnotise you into cheating." FML
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maybe you need to have å talk with him about his jealousy.

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He sounds a little too overbearing


maybe you need to have å talk with him about his jealousy.

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You never know it might have a good placebo effect. Whether you believe it or not the OP is an adult and should be able to decide what to do for themselves. also, tbh when dealing with anxiety or depression or any other mental problem for so long you'll try anything for a chance (even a 0.1% chance) for relief.

Actually 55, hypnosis is a credible treatment for lots of things now a days. Just look it up in any medical journal. It's been very helpful for those with chronic pain. This isn't the type of hypnosis that people usually think of from movies where someone goes around quacking like a duck completely unaware they did that. It's more a form of focusing on something like you're breathing and getting into an extremely calm state. Similar to meditation. And people that are hypnotized are aware of what's happening to them.

ananicosia 28

He sounds a little too overbearing

I sort of understand what he's being so jealous about, but it's still not acceptable whatsoever. If he loves you, he should care about your mental health and you getting the help you need more than his jealousy.

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What is these to be jealous about ? She will go see a person who is supposed to offer medical help ; it is highly unethical for therapists and the like to have a relationship with the people who come to them for health issues...

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unethical things never happen.

Of course unethical things happen. By that logic; better not to go a public bathroom by yourself, you might get mugged. Better not see a doctor by yourself, you might get attacked. etc. See how ridiculous that sounds.

I didn't say it wasn't ridiculous; it is. I was just saying I understand it. I can understand why the crazy ex with mental problems murdered her ex-boyfriend; that doesn't mean I agree with it.

Yeah, but they always neglect the pizza! By the end of their interlude they still never even so much as look at the pizza, let alone eat it. I know that I'm usually hungry after a good roll in the hay.

Sounds like you and your fiancé have some issues to work out before you get married, OP.

What a control freak! He needs therapy as well...

Huh. I can't imagine why you have anxiety problems

Was thinking that too. A controlling relationship doesn't help with anxiety, certainly.

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While one might assume this, It sounds like her issues are far more serious than to be the result of a single person she hasn't even been married to yet.

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Wtf is wrong with you people? You do know that there has been cases of people using hypnosis to rape women? I created an fml accout just for this post. To overbearing? How about you know he loves you. Maybe he did not say it the best way but be glad he cares enough to say something

controlling == caring. that's such BS along the lines of "he's just being mean to you because he likes you!" that we've been taught as kids. caring is discussing it like adults and looking at both sides without telling your partner they can't do something.

DeBosmash 4

Did u read the post? It did not say not to go it said he wants to go with her

I highly doubt that's true about hypnotists using hypnosis to rape women. Experiments have shown that hypnosis is not so powerful that it can be used to make someone do something that is totally against their nature and will.

Yes I read the OP. He won't let the OP go on their own. And I'm going to assume the OP found a licensed hypnotherapist and it's kinda ****** up to assume they'd use their power to rape/assault their patients. It maybe happens but it's just an excuse for the BF to control the OP to say he might make her "cheat". Rape has nothing to do with it, and mentioning it to justify the BFs controlling nature is a ****** up tactic.

You can't be hypnotized to do anything against your moral compass. I studied it for years, just could never afford my certification.

You know people get raped in their homes as well? Better not let your partner make their own decisions on how to manage their safety, better keep watch 24/7. I'm sure being under constant surveillance from someone who says they love them is much preferable to living a normal, risky life.

Hypnosis isn't as we've all seen from the movies. You cannot be compelled to do anything you do not want to do and you are aware of what's happening all the time. So if there was a hypnotist raping women, he was just raping women and it had nothing to do with the hypnosis.

Not sure if this is a possibility to you, but one thing you could try besides hypnosis is electric shock therapy.

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I agree that hypnosis may not be a commom way of treatment, but electric shock therapy? Really?

That is a last resort treatment for certain illnesses (like the most extreme forms of epilepsy where a person is unable to function despite taking medication) but NOT for anxiety.

Just the thought of that would make me anxious.

You've been watching too much TV, go outside

Looks like I got downvoted to hell. Well, where I live the shock therapy is used to treat many cases where nothing else works. It isnt that bad from what I've read and I've considered it myself to treat my severe depression.

Yea shes an idiot for thinking hypnosis will work