By AntiAxe - 29/11/2010 06:23

Today, there are rumors flying around my office that I hooked up with the guy who picks his nose and leaves boogers under tables. I didn't. Last night I took a shower at my boyfriend's place, who happens to use the exact same body wash and shampoo as the office outcast. FML
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lol how exactly do you know what kind of body wash and shampoo Mr. Office Outcast uses..? kinda curious.. lol

how close are you to everyone that they can smell you?



say you didn't ???

No they already think you did it so you might as well sleep with him.

why does your boyfriend wear outcasty bodywash/shampoo? haha, get him new stuff.

how do you know your boyfrindf isnt disguising himself as this "office outcast"? that would explaing the shampoo, body wash and the fucking.

mintcar 9

Oral sex, cigars, and rumors are normal conversations around the office water cooler. Anyways, if you didn't do it, then you didn't do it. There's nothing you can do at this point other than wait until the rumor dies out.

I don't get it, can someone explain to me what OP is trying to say?

mwali02 32

Seriously, right?

lol how exactly do you know what kind of body wash and shampoo Mr. Office Outcast uses..? kinda curious.. lol

sports_chic 6

owned! lol

you smelt it you dealt it. Ahem. OP smells like the boogeyman.

0opsie 6

That's exactly what I was thinking. I'm guessing from the username on this fml that the shampoo was Axe. Don't a lot of guys use Axe anyway?

only guys who for some wild ass reason think girls like it

I was thinking the sane thing and I'm a girl, my bf wears axe and I like it so there!!!

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say hes a beast in bed ;)

how close are you to everyone that they can smell you?

Most offices I've worked in are not well ventilated. I wish people weren't allowed to wear scents because a little goes a long way. If the chap soaks himself (people with poor hygiene seem prone to do this) and OP used the same wash and shampoo, it's probably very noticeable.

Isn't human biology awesome? Sometimes it's just not people with poor hygiene, some people just have a sweating problem due to glandular problems or skin conditions. *shrug*

Well obviously you could tell what he smells like when you boned him. Thus, knowing what he smells like. Did he leave boogers on your ass?

MuchDance90s 0

behind her ear

How and why would you get close enough to this guy to even know what he smells like? For that matter how and why would the rest of the staff be sniffing you or him to figure out that you two have used the same shampoo and soap?

I smell my coworkers all the time. especially when I sit in their lap. there's a chair shortage in our office. sharing is caring.

ThatLooksSticky 16

If the office weirdo is bathing in Axe, there's no need to get that close to him before your nostrils are raped with that stench.

Perfect turn of phrase! That's how I feel about Axe (or the rest of those cheap body sprays): "raped with stench"! LOL! I actually find the worst culprits are not grimey guys covering up BO, but those stupid metrosexuals (or as I call them, "himbos")... they use overly scented wash, overly scented shampoo, overly scented pit stick, and overly scented hair gel, then hose on the body spray...and they have air fresheners in their cars & gym bags too... compulsive! I think one day we'll discover that these cheap chemicals are causing cancer or something. We should've just stayed with plant-based perfumes & potpourris. (Heaven forbid anyone should ever catch a whiff of plain old fresh air!) Oh- almost forgot- HILARIOUS story! Totally epic!

hen shove those boogers up their asses

Who gives a shit about rumours? Ignore them and they will eventually die down. Keep a mini-bag in your bf's place or in your car for sudden sleepovers. Axe is tolerable on some men and just horrible on women.

but haven't you heard?! Axe cleans your balls!!! even my female balls!

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how do you know it's the same exact body wash???

bryan1992 0

that's because she did hook up with him lol