By fnfantastic - United States - Warsaw
Today, I woke up with a vague memory of buying something last night while drunk. According to my credit card summary I made a $270 purchase from a home shopping channel. I guess in 5-7 days I'll find out what it was. FML
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  onlychildFTW  |  33

It was only $270 so it isn't that big a deal. If you're going to get drunk hide the remote from yourself before you go out. You drunk mind won't remember where it is and you won't buy stuff from the TV.

  ambear26  |  14

I don't know about you but $270 is a big deal when you are needing to pay the bills and you are out $270. This is why alcohol causes problems some people need limits on drinking. If you can't really control your drinking you probably shouldn't drink.

  MindFreakazoid  |  10

Mkay I'm sorry, I honestly don't know much about drinking, but from what I hear, it's just best not to go overboard with the drinking. But hey, my motto for here in FML is 'nobody cares what you think'.

  Jaxx66  |  21

I refuse to buy Sham Wow! The guy who sells them does some weird bottom jaw elongation thing when he turns to the side.... And looks like a Raptor. Too scared of what will be in the box. :(

By  Pleonasm  |  35

YOLO! On a less annoying note: Buy another now and you'll get shipping and handling free!


I wanna know if u are drunk enough to not remember making the purchase how we're u able to see the numbers on ur credit card and able to talk clearly enough to make the purchase in the first place