By Claire - 29/09/2010 05:59 - Australia

Today, I went to the beach with this boy I like. Not thinking it'd be anything more than a simple date, I didn't shave my downstairs. We were sitting on a towel and I laid down. Then he said, "Is there a squirrel in your pants?" FML
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Well, you knew how revealing your swimsuit would be, therefore if you could see more hair than you wanted to be seen, you should have dealt with it. Though if he gets freaked out by something natural, you might want to reconsider his maturity levels. Unless he was just joking.

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BAHAHA! wait....was there really a squirrel?


lol ouch, that sucks OP but I guess you learned your lesson.

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True, I always shave that part whenever I go to the beach ! Don't want some pervert looking down there..

so u shave so if a perv is looking he gets a good show?

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No I shave because a bush is disgusting. And that too.

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no, it don't matter if u shave or not, the guy u were with is a douche. only young and immature high school guys would trip off that. o

You always shave if you're wearing a swimsuit. No exceptions.

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why would you keep a squirrel in your bathing suit?? D: was it to keep your nuts warm? ;)

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wait I have more! :D that must have been a squirrelly situation ;)

Wow. Groom yourself, girl. Oh, and ditch the immature prick.

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If anyone else's first thought upon reading this was about Ron White, awesome. If not, I need to get the hell out of the southern states.

Eh, I don't think he's necessarily immature for being turned off by it. He IS immature for commenting on it at all, though, and a total douche for doing so in such a humiliating way.

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first fml that I actually "laughed out loud" from reading it.

I assume you are wearing a swimsuit. So why is he calling it "pants"? lol I doubt he would see anything if you did were wearing them. Gee what's wrong with him?? 

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I agree with Mrs. Jane. Being completely turned off by that is not the problem. The problem was that he was not mature enough to hold his tongue about it.

Hee, hee...corny, yes, but it gave me a little giggle.

Aw crap! I was replying directly to hippiechick's "squirrelly situation" comment. Why did it throw me down in the replies to #1?

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Whenever I go to a date, I always make sure there's no possibility the person would see excessive hair on me. I either don't show it or wax it. You should have considered the possibility that he would see your SQUIRELL down there... But that doesn't make him less of an idiot, his mommy probably never taught him to keep mouth shut from time to time.

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did you say yes then proceed to grab the nuts from him and give 'em to your squirrel?

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"im tarzan. who Jane? meet hairy!" haha you have to keep your jungle tamed at all times. YDI

I can understand not shaving everything down there... I never do, even when wearing a bathing suit. but why didn't you at least take care of your bikini line? That's all I find is necessary.

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always, always shave everything down there. always! it's gross not to!!

161 - It's not 'gross'. It's natural to have hair down there, hence why it grows there in the first place. Thatbeingsaid, it's uncommon to not shave (or at least trim).

op shouldve replied "um yeah and it's not satisfied with the size of your nuts"

#147, you really can't read, can you? He only saw it when she laid down. i.e., it's NOT the bikini line, it's the labia/vaginal area he was staring at and making comments about. The guy is a colossal douche.

Did you read the one where there was this guy that was wearing sweat pants in class when he fell asleep he got a hard on. the teacher thought, since he was leaning forward looking down, he was using his phone, she came up and tried to snatch his phone, but it was his dick XD

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He is a complete ass- lose him quick

oh jeeeezzz..... sorry bout that. but next time remember to shave no matter what date you're going on.

I kind of agree. Not because it's gross to have body hair or because you might get physical, though-- just because shaving and such usually helps girls feel more attractive. If you feel more attractive, you seem more attractive to others. That always helps on a first date. Of course, not every girl feels different after shaving or pampering herself, so that's not a hard and fast rule.

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Agree with both. Shave no matter what date you're going on...or what beach you're going to! This isn't the south of France lady.

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No, i'm from Dallas, I've just heard French people be referred to as being exceptionally hairy...and that's not necessarily as socially accepted elsewhere. I'm fully willing to admit that my assumption is unfounded and merely a stereotype/exageration.

You have the wrong word. It's not a mere little assumption, it's filthy racism, what you said. If you had said something along the lines of not doing this or that a certain way because you heard "black people do it that way", you would have immediately understood you were being a disgusting racist. So I wonder how come you can offend a different group of people without even finding it shocking or anything... Please stop insulting other people just because of your own ignorance. You don't even know if it's true or not, and yet you still toss out stereotyped unpleasant things about others.

#193/Moemoemoe - I agree. I'm forever having to pull people up on my Facebook for saying ridiculous stuff about the French, where a bunch of my French friends will read it. I think people hear a few cracks on The Daily Show or The Simpsons and think it's OK to just slag off the French. None of them have ever been to France, or met an actual French person.

lionandthelamb61 9

193, yes, unless I was black, then no one would have a problem with me making black jokes. As long as I'm insulting my own culture, it's ok, but god forbid I make a crack at anyone elses. Ever seen a comedy show? Most of them make cracks at races or cultures other than their own. And you are right, this isn't The Daily Show, this I an effing jerk off website that people play on in their spare time, which is why I can make those kind of jokes without any fear of consequences. Save your lectures for someone who cares and grow a couple senses of humor, you two. P.S. The question was "am I from France", which I'm not. However, half of my family is French and some of them still live there. I've been many times.

o 200 and it's okay to insult a culture/race as long as you're a part of it? or, according to 200, if you know someone who is of that subgroup or have been to the origin? I don't think so...that makes you just as bad. and I dont think it's fair to call her a disgusting racist the way you didn't even know if she was French when you posted that. 223, I'm sorry you her been hated on so harshly by these peopplle

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BAHAHA! wait....was there really a squirrel?

Since I have a little sister, I think of some weird hip hop song on Disney where a squirrel is in some girl's pants, so she's break dancing while trying to get it out. It's a true song on Disney Channel, too.

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32- An episode of Phineas And Ferd. Candis had a squirrel in her pants

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What about the talking dog on "Up". *Hi, I'm happy to meet you.* *I love you.... SQUIRREL!!!*

32-I've seen that one so many times,hahaha.(:

bet you drove him nuts after tryimg to explain it.

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Ydi.. I'm sorry but you have no excuse for keeping a squirrel in your hoochie.

this would make me mad but awwww your picture.

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Were you wearing normal clothes or a swimming suit? Cause I'm assuming if you were wearing a swimming suit you would want to get that taken care of, since it would be hard for people not to see it in general. If you were wearing normal clothes, then how did he get a view of your downstairs to begin with?

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true aye, op is clearly and idiot for not shaving when wearing a swimsuit

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you went to the beach! wether it was just a date or not. oh wait. was it a nude beach too???

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obviously no, she was wearing some sort of "pants" I would assume since he asked if there was a squirrel in her pants.:P

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Actually, she had taken her pants off and cast them to the side. As her date glanced over, he saw movement in the clothing, therefor he inquired "Is there a squirrel in your pants?" She interrupted him before he could finish with "I hear them's good eatin'"

Well, you knew how revealing your swimsuit would be, therefore if you could see more hair than you wanted to be seen, you should have dealt with it. Though if he gets freaked out by something natural, you might want to reconsider his maturity levels. Unless he was just joking.

It's not about maturity... it's about hygiene! Heck, I shave my privates and armpits every couple weeks or so and I haven't dated in months. Oh, and I'm a dude before you launch the sexist banner.

GeekboyCol - I'm going to give you a quick lesson. Hygiene is where you keep yourself `clean`. Shaving/trimming etc (whatever an individual's personal preference is) is what you do to remove hair. You do know that the reason there is hair there is to keep the evil bacteria out, right?

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Agreed. Even though most people prefer to shave, hair is still natural and nothing to freak out over!

Of course the irony of all this is that we don't even _have_ squirrels in Australia...

Sorry #110. I'm a certified scientist, and I have research that proves that pubic hair is dangerous to your health. A friend of a friend of mine, while having relations with his unshaven wife, choked to death on a hair. This is irrefutable evidence that not shaving leads to an increase in death rates in all societies. Thank you.

But I never said it wasn't dangerous to health, Alkix, I said there was a difference between hygiene and hair removal :P

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I'm 15, I am a virgin but I ALWAYS shave my armpits, legs and down there when I go to a beach. It's just gross if you don't.

Shaving "down there" is very much personal preference. Many my my friends don't. It's hair, hair isn't gross. It's on your head.