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Today, I went on another date with a guy I've had a crush on for a long time. Afterwards, we went back to my place for the first time and things got heated. While taking my pants off, he recoiled and asked if I thought it was still No Shave November. FML
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I have a question, do all guys want us women to shave?

No. But it's like men with beards. Shaved can be nice, trimmed and short can have it's appeals, but an unruly mess just makes people think it's not hygenic, even if it is.


I have a question, do all guys want us women to shave?

My ex liked a little racing stripe..

Not every guy - otherwise, hairy woman porn wouldn't exist.

No necessarily, some like it raw as long as you keep your bushes clean and smelling fresh.

No. But it's like men with beards. Shaved can be nice, trimmed and short can have it's appeals, but an unruly mess just makes people think it's not hygenic, even if it is.

Nope. I don't, for one. Some trimming is nice from time to time, but my fiancé doesn't shave pubes, legs, arms or pits and it would bother me more if she did it only because she thought I wanted her to.

Do women like when men shave there privates?

Not shaving necessarily (and that can be irritating when it grows back), but definitely some maintenance such as trimming.

Shadow_Phantom 26

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Gee, how scientific of you, 47. /sarcasm And who cares if you wouldn't get with a woman with a bush? Are you saying you'd get with a man with one, in which case you've got double standards, or were you just trying to draw horny teenage attention to yourself?

Well, you can't take yourself as the only sample and use that to determine the trend, because it a) simply cannot be representative of a whole population and b) you probably have preferences different to all women so you go out with different types of men to other women. Then there are cultural differences too.

If it is so hairy that you can't see the V, it's time to clean up.

GoodLookingGeese 10

In the Soviet Russia the bush shaves you

I don't. I mean, if you have a whole amazon jungle down there, chop a little of it off, but leave some hair. Like 50% hair

I say shave that bush.

Girls don't have to shave if they don't want to but to not at least trim it and keep it managed? It's just like a man who never trims. No one wants to stop midway because they feel hair in their mouth...

50, my dear friend I believe the correct term that is used for how you just shot down 47 can't be anything else but, in the word of Michael Kelso ... BURN!!!!

A good friend of mine has a fetish for long pubic hair on women. He once dated a girl who had never trimmed her pubic hair. Ever. We all went to the beach together a few times, and she wore an itsy bikini that showcased not only her jungle, but her bikini line. My friend thought it was the hottest thing ever. Quite personally, I don't mind hair on a girl as long as it is trimmed with scissors - preferably as short as she could trim it, but waxing or shaving isn't necessary. However, I have appointments every 4 weeks to wax my portal to pleasure. Standard routine.

I prefer trimmed and orderly

RedPillSucks 31

I prefer drunk and disorderly

I love the shaved look, although I'm fine with anything as long as its not too long

Trimmed is better than jungle shaved is better than trimmed but that's my personal opinion and almost all my friends I've asked.

bekk 8

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Tidy is what matters most. If you ladies can't tolerate men growing out our facial hair then we certainly can't tolerate unchecked pubic growth. Most men can tolerate a little bit but it better be shorter than our beards...

Shave it. Shave it all!

I actually read somewhere that most Native Korean women don't shave or do anything down there.

fireflyinajar 1

Just the ones who'd rather be diddling children.

I don't want to beat around the bush. So shave it.

My guy doesn't have a problem with hair as long as it's maintained (trimmed, clean, etc). I shave it from time to time but that is completely impossible to do in winter here, your skin dries out and then you end up with a flaky, itchy, depressing mess (and my skin is too sensitive to wax, I've tried). If you never even trim, that might warrant a comment (guys or girls), because it can get pretty funky down there - but there's a reason we have hair, to protect your pubic area. A lot of guys are thrown off when they see a woman who doesn't shave it all off because porn has basically indoctrinated them to believe that's how women look. Even when I shave, I leave a patch (not quite a landing strip, a little more than that) because I do NOT like feeling like I'm twelve years old. Ick.

I must say this is the longest conversation I've ever seen about shaving ones genitalia.

Some people don't want grass growing between the tulips :/ Sorry, I couldn't resist that one XD

Well, I know that unshaven vag is pretty common in Korea, though it is becoming less popular. That said, I remember one time when my ex was showering, and the soaked pubic hair drooped down and began to resemble Kayako from Ju-on. Trippy. Trim that shit. There's no requirement, hygienic or otherwise, to shave it bald, really, but I think it's only reasonable to not have vag hair that looks every bit like overgrown shrubbery.

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wlddog 14

Doesnt have to be shaved, but keep it short. If you like designs then feel free to experiment. Just don't leave it to grow wild.

22JB 11

Little was the key there. Guys still like to see the goods. That's what makes things better.

KiddNYC1O 20

I like natural. Well, not all that natural but a landing strip is perfect. All shaven sometimes looks funny...

i prefer it trimmed. also the OP could have said when she got his pants off: "if its too cold i can turn on the heater"

Shave? Not necessarily. Trimmed nicely helps. Men as well. No need traipsing through a jungle to find the pearl.

chlorinegreen 27

I shave when I'm expecting to please but when I'm alone and have no one looking but me I let it grow until it gets itchy then I shave and start over

7yzz 18

Of course girls should shave or wax get it removed by laser or cream, its a development thats happened in the last few decades, and it shouldnt be discouraged by feminists who are looking for something to argue about. I wouldnt refuse sex with a girl who had a bit of hair, but I certainly would go down on them, thats disgusting. If you actually want to appeal to guys, then get it removed by any way you pick. Just the other night a girl I know was being talked about behind her back by 30+ plus people, most of whom I know, because she was hairy downstairs. The norm is not having much down in terms of hair, and to be honest I dont see any point of fighting against this new tradition, what do you lose by shaving? In my opinion you cant truly appreciate the beauty of a girls vagina until its shaved, or just a landing strip at most. And saying 'it protects from bacteria' isnt any kind of argument, No-one cares at all, it sounds like something Sheldon from BB Theory would say.

X_Codes 11

@111 - The shocking thing is that this is probably the most sensible conversation I've ever seen on the Internet, ever.

I prefer my boyfriend shaved.

whyme203 15

No me personally I like some hair down there it's a turn on for me but most guys that I know either don't want it there and a few are like whatever about it

Shaved is pretty, trimmed is nice, bush scares the hell of people. But it's like #136 wrote. He failed in a wa that only men can...

my boyfriend and I are both very easy-going when it comes to each other's appearance. I keep my underarms and my legs hairless most of the time, but I'm Asian (lucky me :P ) so I don't have much hair - more than once I'll haven't have shaved my legs in a while and he'll feel them and be like 'oh did you shave today' and I'll be like... no... lol. I don't mind it that he has a bit of a gut and isn't always clean-shaven (his face), and he doesn't mind if I'm not punctual with my shaving either. We've been together for a year and a half and while he doesn't mind when I don't shave down there, he likes it when I do. Or, more correctly he likes it when he shaves it for me, because I'm a very clumsy girl and we both worry I'll cut myself (part of the reason I never used to shave down there in the first year of our relationship, though I offered to and he said he didn't mind). So to answer your question: in general I don't think guys would ever say no to it being shaved, but a decent guy would express such an interest more gently than the way your man put it, and perhaps be willing to help you out if you're nervous like shaving it for you (which can be a very pleasant/intimate experience for both of you) and/or buying products to help with the itching/soreness.

I enjoy a hitlah stache down there

68, wax evry 4 wk. nobody got tym fo dat!! but srsly, how do u survive!it hurts too much!!

I'd say trimming. Shaving can be irritating for the skin and razor cuts can happen.

I have nothing against a woman being un-shaven, if they at least trim. Although, I am much less likely to go down on someone, if they don't shave. It's just not that pleasant, for myself! Also, on the looks wise, I personally prefer shaven, but my ex would often leave it for a week or so, and let a bit grow. If that's what they want, that's fine by me. :)

Just make it look good and nobody will mind. Lol

spekledworf 18

I braid mine.

Haha, I call it the subway ticket!

yes we do.

Mikeskinner 7

Well problem is when a girl's not shaved and a guy goes down, the hair is RIGHT there. In our face and in mouth. When girls go down on guys it's way back there. I feel personally it's more unpleasant when I've got to taste the hair.

Shave that shit!

Some women can pull off an earth mama muff but they're definitely in the minority.

No. I honestly couldn't care less, and I tell my gf that as well. I think everyone should do what they feel comfortable with. If you like yourself shaved, then shave. Otherwise, don't.

I expect clean and trimmed. Nothing more.

Why did this get down-voted? This guy is great and lovingly supports his fiance. Screw you down-voters. I don't shave, and have to fight my boyfriend off from going down there sometimes.

Shall we all dress the same and have the same appearances too now that plastic surgery is a possibility, Mr Conformist? check your posts b'cos you said you 'would' go down on an unshaved girl lol, fail. Why should any 1 give a damn about what other's think. Its my body, I'll do what I want with it.


146, I don't have much time on my hands; I'm a high school student. 4 weeks is pretty good time, 6 or maybe even 8 if I'm not seeing a lady friend. And I take go, get it done, cry, and take an ambien to fall asleep. Works like a charm for me and the ladies seem to enjoy my yard work.

7yzz 18

*wouldnt. lol

Unexpected12 8

No.. Personally I do not care.

Not all guys, is it the same with girls?

Not all guys do, no. Trimming is nice. On the other hand, look at Japanese porn...

Only if you are doing it wrong.

I'm dying that's hilarious

I don't.

At least nicely trimmed....

blunttobluntest 12

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There's nothing unhygienic about pubic hair, it's natural. Women went hundreds of years without shaving and never had problems. It's all personal preference.

Pubic hair actually protects the genitals from bacteria and the like

Shaving has absolutely nothing to do with hygiene. That sort of mindset is the product of corporate conditioning by the razor companies. As long as you wash, you're perfectly hygienic, regardless of your choice to shave or not.

10showgirl 16

Actually, it's unhygenic to shave it. The hair protects the vagina from infections... Though I'm guilty of shaving.

Flora_fml 6

It's actually the result of porn over the past 10-15 years. Most guys under 25 could do themselves a favor and view some porn from no later than 1989 to see what the hell natural biology actually looks like. If they had any idea of the time, effort, and money it took to look like a manufactured porn pop tart, they wouldn't be insisting that every girl look just like one. Not to also mention, how do they get off the hook? I can guarantee that the jerk who said this hasn't ever trimmed his own pubes. What's good for the goose, right? Rather than kicking him out on the spot, OP should have pulled out a few wax strips and went, "You first!"

I don't shave at all. Shaving just gives me rashes anyway. I'm the last person to be called unhygienic.

69 - don't tar all guys with the same brush, whether or not a girl shaves down there doesn't bother me at all, its her time and effort not mine. And there are very few guys who are stupid and naive enough to think that girls in real life are like girls from porn films

#2, So you have a dirty head if you aren't shaved bald? Why didn't my hairdresser tell me this?!

What is with guys and thinking shaving is necessary on a girl? If a girl asks a guy to shave his pubic hair, she gets yelled at for insulting his masculinity. But if a girl doesn't shave, she's deemed unhygienic? Fucking hypocrites -_-

7yzz 18

@10 they also went hundreds of years without brushing their teeth, in those hundreds of years they also tossed human sh*t out of their windows, shared sponges on sticks to clean their arses, and much more. So by your logic you must see nothing wrong with any of that either? If so maybe you should go and being your own community where all of these facets are explored. We're fine here, in the 21st century.

Having pubic hair can be very troublesome if you are prone to urinary tract infections. Doctors advise shaving/waxing to help prevent them because all that moisture (when wet after a shower) is breeding grounds for the bacteria that pubic hair is supposed to protect against.

Your comment was probably one of the most idiotic things I've ever read. My logic did absolutely not dictate that it was okay to fling fecal matter out the windows, or to not brush your teeth. I'm saying that women never had any problems brought on by not shaving their pubic hair. Don't act like it's barbaric not to shave, plenty of women don't do it and are healthy and happy. I'd rather "live in my own community" if it meant there wouldn't be any morons like you.

lorraineald 7

You're more likely to get a UTI from shaving your genitals. Pubic hair protects your genitals like eyelashes protect your eyes.

Actually shaving your pubic hair is bad for you. You pubic hair keeps germs and bacteria from getting into you vagina that why it isn't recommended that pregnant women shave down there

how do you sound? it's not unhygienic, it's the way we're born actually having hair on your vagina protect it. you're an idiot, I'm all for shaving but if someone doesn't want to they don't have to.

theslimshadylp 6

Must've been a forest down there.

Welcome To The Jungle, baby

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But it's January...

I thumbed up, but you must write 'should have'..

#20 Oh yea, I guess time flies when you're having fun on FML, my bad.

wellfuuucckme 7

He might've been the asshole but you jut made yourself look like an ass

Blacksabbath211 9

She should have told him "GTFO, now it's Jack-Off January for you." :D

astralvagan 20

Most guys do prefer a groomed woman nowadays. Not necessarily bare, but trimmed. We don't want to feel like we are trying to eat grass and run through a field.

I mean if you can't even see past the hair, if it feels like you're fighting the Watcher in the Water from LOTR then I mean it's time to trim a bit yea?

You lost me after hair.

DarkJediLove 19

Great LOTR will never be the same! LMAO

Must have been really bad for him to have recoiled. Though it makes me picture him coiling up like a snake.

Hey want to see my impression of Groucho Marx?

RedPillSucks 31

Or he just watches too much porn and has unrealistic expectation

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"Another date" does not essentially mean it was the second one, and even if it was, what difference would it make if she waited a few more dates until getting intimate?

Should have said that it was "no dicks December so GTFO."

No Vaganuary.

Funny, I thought the Black Forest was in Germany.