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Hey guys guess what you all have toe hair as well. Anyway OP, YDI. If you're going to freak out about bugs crawling on your barefeet then don't sit in the grass while barefoot.


Uh, there ate two FMLs about hair from the same part of France, they are right next to eachother, and both have to do with mistaking body hair for bugs. Plus, one is anynomous. Coincidence? I think not!

Shave them, jesus. Pluck whatever. If you're a man fine, but a woman should not have toe hairs. Scratch, NOONE SHOULD HAVE TOEHAIRS. TehFuzzyOne: I'm pretty sure it was the THIRD.

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By  Zills

Whatever pluck them it's not like he'll notice right now away anyways. Not a big deal I don't see the issue here. Your life is not fucked and you don't deserve it either. It's a who the fuck gives a shit.

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