By combo - 28/02/2010 09:12 - France

Today, I was chatting with my boyfriend and his mates barefoot on the grass. I suddenly felt something flick across my feet, so I let out a startled scream. Turns out it was my toe hairs rustling in the breeze. FML
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#1 Nice try. That doesn't make sense though.

Ya it does, the clarity is flawless, he's asking if it's the first time it has happened whilst declaring himself first.

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Today, I felt the hair on my head get wet. Turns out I took a shower. FML. (This is as stupid as the OP's)

to # 1 are you sure it wasnt the SIXTEENTH time?

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Hey guys guess what you all have toe hair as well. Anyway OP, YDI. If you're going to freak out about bugs crawling on your barefeet then don't sit in the grass while barefoot.

yeah^ OP: so you're one of the many people that grow visible hair on your toes and/ or fingers. just remove the hair.

that's the 2nd post today by a hairy french bitch. apparently there's a ******* sasquatch convention in france

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shave. if you don't own a razor, wear shoes. problem solved

Uh, there ate two FMLs about hair from the same part of France, they are right next to eachother, and both have to do with mistaking body hair for bugs. Plus, one is anynomous. Coincidence? I think not!

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this FML is similar to the one posted before It...

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ydi for confirming French stereotypes.

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Plus they probably wouldn't say mate, but I like to assume she is cause it makes it funnier.

Time to consider shaving - posting on here makes us assume you're embarressed about hairy toes. Shaving makes things itchy though - imagine wearing socks. *cringe*

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um yes it does?? uu can Shave and wax ur toes

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Shave them, jesus. Pluck whatever. If you're a man fine, but a woman should not have toe hairs. Scratch, NOONE SHOULD HAVE TOEHAIRS. TehFuzzyOne: I'm pretty sure it was the THIRD.

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The OP is French, of course she has toe hair.

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Look at your feet right now. You all have toe hair.

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I have toe hair. there's just not an obscene amount of it to make me think there's bugs crawling on my feet :)

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yea but what person in america have youever heard call somone their mate? because personally i have yet to hear someone call their griends their mates

i understood none of that, were you even speaking english? :)

he has mates? you allow him to mate with other people? your life is fk,ed ps. I know it's Aussie talk, just don't get why they say it lol

mates means friends.. 'me and my mates'

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haha ydi because this isn't even fml worthy big dummy

Whatever pluck them it's not like he'll notice right now away anyways. Not a big deal I don't see the issue here. Your life is not ****** and you don't deserve it either. It's a who the **** gives a shit.

You lie! It was a Spider and you screamed like a little girl!!

OP could've been a little girl... ...or a guy. Huh, that would've been funnier

well on th bright side at least it wasn't an animal who was going to eat you and your friends...