By midnightxshadow - 23/04/2015 22:41 - United States

Today, teachers were pulling students out of class to announce valedictorian, salutatorian, and other awards for graduation. I got pulled out of class by one of them, and I got a little excited since I wasn't expecting an award. It was to tell me that my sister was staying after school. FML
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For those of you thinking my grades must be awful, I have straight As and am a top student in my class. There are a few people I know above me, which is why I didn't expect to get an award. A girl can hope, right? When I got home, my boyfriend made me my own award so I couldn't be happier.

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Awards are overrated anyways. At least, thats what I tell my empty trophy case.

Hey at least you got out of class for a little bit right?


Hey at least you got out of class for a little bit right?

I think it's safe to say you should expect to be pulled out for optimistorian.

Congratulation! You have the babysitter award !

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Time to bring up your scores now, eh ?


It's a bit too late to bring up your scores given graduation is in a few months

may be next time??

tiredteenager 16

#17, there is no "next time." Unless OP wants to redo all four years of high school again.

Well, considering I'm a straight A student, I don't know how much higher my scores can go

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This may sound mean, but the problem is, you're probably not taking hard classes. AP, dual and K give higher gpa points when you get A's. L level gives you less gpa points for A's. This would be a valid reason why you're not up there.

All honors classes, but I also go to a college prep school, so everyone takes all honor classes

tantanpanda 26

...if you're taking honors and getting straight A's, you'd be at the top of your class. You obviously aren't, so what you're saying doesn't make sense.

If you're not expecting an award of that sort, chances are you're not getting one.

Agreed. You'd know if you were in the running. People in those circles tend to be quite competitive.

Not necessarily true. I had an F in a Honors English course and got nominated for Honor Society my junior year. Not only that, I actually got in(after busting my ass to get my grade up lol but still). So I think it's quite possible.

#13 Being nominated for something is a little different than winning an academic award. One involves continuing (or starting I guess in your case) the hard work while you have no control over the outcome of the other one

I'm one of the top in my class, but I knew a few people slightly higher than me, so I didn't expect an award. A girl can hope, right?

I guess you better hit the books then!

It's a little late if seeing as it's almost graduation

Ummmmm...... It was a joke...... Sooooooo ya. Awkward

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If you weren't expecting an award in the first place, you shouldn't really be disappointed either

And the Oscar for the best actor in a supporting role goes to.....

well not to OP....

Not to Leonardo DiCaprio either

well, none are going to Leo

doesn't matter, still got outta class!

Awards are overrated anyways. At least, thats what I tell my empty trophy case.

Congratulations, it's such an honor.

At least O.P got to go out of class.