By midnightxshadow - United States
Today, teachers were pulling students out of class to announce valedictorian, salutatorian, and other awards for graduation. I got pulled out of class by one of them, and I got a little excited since I wasn't expecting an award. It was to tell me that my sister was staying after school. FML
midnightxshadow_fml tells us more :
For those of you thinking my grades must be awful, I have straight As and am a top student in my class. There are a few people I know above me, which is why I didn't expect to get an award. A girl can hope, right? When I got home, my boyfriend made me my own award so I couldn't be happier.
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  tantanpanda  |  26

This may sound mean, but the problem is, you're probably not taking hard classes. AP, dual and K give higher gpa points when you get A's. L level gives you less gpa points for A's. This would be a valid reason why you're not up there.


Not necessarily true. I had an F in a Honors English course and got nominated for Honor Society my junior year. Not only that, I actually got in(after busting my ass to get my grade up lol but still). So I think it's quite possible.

  Purexinsanity  |  46

#13 Being nominated for something is a little different than winning an academic award.
One involves continuing (or starting I guess in your case) the hard work while you have no control over the outcome of the other one