By jasmith - United States - Addison
Today, my girlfriend claimed she was a Viking because she's pale and has blond hair. She also warned me that if I piss her off she'll go 'berserk' on me. She demonstrated by smacking me in the nuts with a wooden spoon. FML
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  lelo007  |  11

I can believe that. I've been pretty angry at a few men in my past, but I have never even thought of hitting below the belt. Well, I've never hit anybody ever, but if I were going to, it wouldn't be in their balls.

By  rattusrattus  |  18

Beserk comes from 'bear-sark' or 'bare-sark' meaning either bear shirt (as in, a shirt made from bears) or topless. However, I don't think gratuitous nudity is worth genital pain.

  desoto96  |  9

No, the term "going berserk" came from the ancient Norse berserker warriors, because of how viciously they fought in battle. It was said that they would go into an uncontrollable state of rage. Hence "going berserk."

  DocBastard  |  38

I'm sure the thumbs-downers would be very disappointed to learn that rattusrattus is absolutely right. Keep thumbing her down if you like - it won't make her wrong.

Desoto - Look up the etymology of "berserk".

  DelphiCat  |  17

Actually, they're both right. It was the mental people who wore the bear shirts/went naked.

Well, sort of, scholarship has largely abandoned the notion of them fighting naked, due to this being a misreading of the old Norse. (ber-serkr not berr-serkr)

Unfortunately this then means rattusrattus's joke does not work.

  desoto96  |  9

I apologize for being rude, but considering the context of the word in the FML. I would say that my comment makes more sense. Anyhow, who cares lol.

  annie_nk  |  22

I believe it's supposed to be a rainbow with a star at the end. I saw it a lot on TV in the 90s after a little tid bit of knowledge was explained. I'm not exactly sure what show or channel had it.

  Cartera  |  10

28 - Since we're saying things about character: I'm assuming that you're 12 years old, a honey badger, talk in 3rd person, and you don't care about anything.