By Anonymous - 26/11/2010 05:23 - Canada

Today, seeing Ozzy Osbourne live for the first time, I was trying to get the perfect photo of the entire band on stage. That is, until a sudden burst of pyrotechnics startled me, and I gave myself a black eye from the camera hitting me in the face. FML
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haha I seen ozzy when he was I'n Calgary at the saddle dome ... for 61 the old bastard can still put on a amazing show


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you must not be ... IRON MAN!!!!!!!!

are you sure it was pyrotechnics and not bats?

^ Are you trying to quote Metalocalypse?

OP kind of deserves it, i mean, i don't know them, they may have just taken one picture, but can anyone point out a recent concert that wasn't filled with 70% of the people holding their cameras/phones in the air? It's called enjoying the music people...

Ooh, this was in Ottawa! Your camera must have been ruined by the foam he sprayed all over us. 

this is not a FML this is just something that happened at a concert that turns into an awesome story to tell people. **** people are whiney bitches these days!

I know right? Screw the black eye. This isn't an FML if you still got to see a sick performance.

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agreed, he's skipping Western Australia, so I cant see him. Ozzy's one of my idols too ._.

I got to see ozzy a few weeks ago in Victoria, it was AWESOME

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Hey last concert I was at I got kicked in the face by a crowdsurfer. At least your injury was self-inflected.

I think anybody who's ever been to a concert has been kicked in the face by a crowd surfer ;p

How does it being self-inflicted make it any better lol

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I am soooo jealous! Ozzy rocks :]

I didn't know you likes turtles, but I know you like turdles (:

Well, Beth, you do now :].. I can now die happy knowing someone noticed.

ha! that's one of my favorite clips. Good name choice dude!

Ozzy is still performing? I live in Ontario amd didn't hear anything about him doing a concert. :(

haha I seen ozzy when he was I'n Calgary at the saddle dome ... for 61 the old bastard can still put on a amazing show

sourgirl101 28

I have tickets to see Ozzy. He's not my favorite but I wanted to see him before he dies.(: Man can barely speak but I heard he has no problems singing on stage. Lol. He's touring with Slash! (That's who I'm looking forward to seeing!)

Really?! You're looking forward to see Slash and not Ozzy?! First time I heared that :/ I dream of going to a concert, I live in Saudi Arabia so that's not going to happen here. Hopefully I'll be in Canada in a few months for college :)

sourgirl101 28

6sick6, concerts are a must. Love them. There's nothing like watching a band that everyone around you is just as excited to see as you! And hell ya, Slash!

I did watch some concerts but only on DVD :P My dream is to see Megadeth live and to meet Dave Mustaine.. Trying to keep my hopes up :)

6sick6 saw them slayer and testament a few months ago. great show. 2nd time seeing slayer.