By Anonymous - 03/10/2013 05:24 - Canada - Scarborough

Today, my grandmother convinced me to come to a church meeting with her. My grandmother then made funny faces at me while the pastor was speaking, causing me to laugh out loud. Everyone heard me, including the pastor. FML
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Grandmas are the funniest people because they really don't care anymore.

Lol my grannies are like the opposite? Is that bad?

Well at least church was a bit more fun today!

This post made me think of my pastor who passed away today. RIP Pastor Chuck Smith.

Does your grandma happen to be betty white?

I don't care if that wasn't nice of her, your grandma sounds awesome.

ilytyvm 25

I agree! The woman sounds like she has more of a life than the stereotypical grandmother. haha

That's amazing. Usually, when I laugh out loud, nobody hears me.

perdix 29

#8, this is a time when it would be appropriate to say "LOL." You wouldn't want people to think you have no sense of humor just because you have an inaudible laugh. PS: Go easy on the LMAO and LMFAO (I wear a Speedo just to tan my cheeks.)

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Bet you had a great time though. Who wouldn't with an awesome grandma like her

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Start making weird faces at the pastor and see what happens.