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Today, I was forced to listen to a client rant about her lackluster sexual encounters with her husband. I was also given a rather detailed description of his manhood. Apparently, it's small. FML
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raraisbang tells us more.

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Actually, I'm op and I'm a cosmetologist. I do hair. To clear that up :P

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What do you do? If you're a sex therapist then it's appropriate. If not fyl

Your client was just making 'small' talk


That is when invisible headphones come in handy!

What do you do? If you're a sex therapist then it's appropriate. If not fyl

Your client was just making 'small' talk

Probably a Taxi driver

Yeah, I'm sure taxi drivers must hear the weirdest shit sometimes...

raraisbang 12

Actually, I'm op and I'm a cosmetologist. I do hair. To clear that up :P

if you're op, why is your name different .. and if she just said it was "small" ... then i don't think she was describing his junk in depth.

raraisbang 12

Actually, I changed it to "awkwardwork" in the name field to better go along with the FML. You can do that.

51- read the post again. If your fully literate and can comprehend English, you will understand that it says op was given a detailed description of the "manhood". From this detailed description, op concludes that it is apparently quite small. If your still having trouble with this, look on the bright side. You probably dont get brain freeze or headaches :D

I always thought it said something about being the OP when they posted in their FML?

I get headaches and they can be very annoying. But on topic. Sucks you're a hairdresser and having to hear about small "manhood's."

58- thanks for being such a douchebag ;) op already cleared things up

#58, It's "If YOU'RE fully literate and can comprehend English".

You seem to understand what I said, so why commit such faggetry? I understand there are those out there with an inferiority complex, often resulting in said individual becoming a "grammar nazi". There are those who see people speak "lik dis" and jump on the opportunity to insult either their intelligence or ambition. Those people are alright with me. But an ass wipe such as yourself has made me dedicate a special part of my ass for your commentary. If you so choose to respond to this, just know that special part awaits any opinions you may have.

51 & 61, actually, OP's posts are always in green (much like the Mods, but it doesn't say FML Team at the bottom of their posts.).... And as you can see, 50's posts are, in fact, GREEN; therefore, she is OP. Have a nice day.

iBiteRoses 22

Obviously *you're not fully literate.

72, you holier than thou little bitch, it doesn't show up in green on the droid app. Thank you, have a nice day. Also, anyone notice OPs name got changed? Along with "Original Poster" now showing up on the app for her?

gracevet88 0

They have those? Eww y would anyone choose that career

75- Well, it does show up in the iPhone app. It's yellow. Take that stick out of your ass, now. It says "raraisbang" on the author line now.

Eila1996 5

Poor you! Unless that's your job, and if so, why did you choose it?

TheElderTROLLZ 15

For the sexual thrill!

Krajjan 9

I'd say... divorce lawyer?

How does its size make this more of an FML? I feel as if the last part was a small bit unnecessary..

Llamacod 11

did it, uh, strike too close to home?

Was thinking that too. F-thewomanonthephone's-L

13 - How do you know it was a phone? OP could be using an iPod Touch or a computer. Let's not jump to conclusions here.

A "small bit"? That's what OP's client said!

What happened to good ol' face-to-face communication? :s

Look at your pic... The irony

model_guy 0

You should of had phone sex with her, make your job more exciting, or make her more excited ;)

I don't think OP mention they were a lesbian..

There is also no mention of the OP's gender, nor is it shown on the iOS app.

If you go up to #2 you will find that OP commented and is, in fact, a girl.

Hey that's sexual harassment

nirvi 3

You certainly do have fun at work..

I feel worse for him then you.

...and then you what?

Well at least she didn't show you any detailed pictures of it.

TheElderTROLLZ 15

Who said she didn't?

Mondays. Don't we all hate them?

Eila1996 5

I'm guessing you don't live in Australia?

Congratulations! You've guessed correctly.

26 - And apparently, neither does OP.

AsianCookie247 14

Louisiana to be exact.

gators1995 30

I love Mondays because thats when all of my favorite shows come on.

That's when you smile, nod and tune her out with rock song lyrics in your mind. Works for me! I have people wanting to tell me their extra personal stories too. :P