By mimiani - 05/11/2011 23:58 - Nigeria

Today, I watched Change-Up with my dad. He made us leave half-way through the movie, because he thought I was too young to watch a movie this explicit. I'm 25. FML
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mimiani tells us more.

I am a woman and it was really awkward watching it with my dad.

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You let your dad make you leave a movie when you're 25?

He probably just felt awkward watching it with you. You should have felt awkward too


You let your dad make you leave a movie when you're 25?

In Russia, Movie leave you! And also your father...

enonymous 8

It's Nigeria! I just got an email saying I can become the prince if I mail your embassy $10,000 for my official paperwork

I got that email too! I guess it's a race to see who's money arrives first...

xoconnie 8

whyd u go see an explicit movie with ur dad in the first place? thats weird.

i remember watching watchmen in a crowded theater with my dad. pretttty awkward

Here's an idea, don't go to the movies with your parents :D unless they are paying, then it's cool

MerrikBarbarian 9

Agreed. If you let your dad make you leave a movie when you are 25, ydi. If you are an adult act like one and stand up for yourself.

Jammy01jams 2

Lol. Sheltering parents make me laugh. A friend and I saw killer elite, and idiotically bright his parents. Us being 16 btw. There is the one scene where there are **** but they said nothing. I'm pretty sure in this generation our parents know we've seen nudity and vulgarity everywhere. Hell a ton of people I know have already had sex! Sometimes I wonder if our world is becoming acceptable. FYI—I love the rating board for making R movies 14a in Canada!

They already had sex? :O :O :O NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jammy01jams 2

You guys are idiots. It is not normal to be ******* at 16. Plus not even that, most of the people have done it at an earlier age. My one friend had sex in Grade 6! WTF! If you think that's normal then you're ******.

emily4040 18

My little sisters ex-bf had sex already. He's 12...

#84 - legal age varies from country to country, so in Scotland, it's very normal to be ******* at 16.....

Average age to lose your virginity is 17, but that includes outliers who wait until their 20s or 30s so most people probably did lose it around 15 or 16

He probably just felt awkward watching it with you. You should have felt awkward too

RawrNom 0

right. maybe he still sees you as his little girl! and then watching those films make him feel awkward. I felt awkward watching twilight with mine on DVD. he laughed through it.

Pff, that's their own fault. If family members want to watch a movie together without feeling awkward, they should have watched some Disney, not a movie for grown-ups.

Xx_Dakota_xX 1

Better yet yd u go with ur dad to the movies?

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56- it clearly states that op is a girl.

MizzErikaHart 8

I would feel hella awkward watching a Disney movie with my family. I would be like wtf, put the hangover in

amanda_say_whutt 9

One time I went and saw Bruno with my mom. It was very awkward. I was the one to leave. My mom had no problem watching that with me. Now that was awkward .

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Leave **** up on your computer to show that you watch "Adult" movies.

Draxanoth 15

You're always going to be his lil girl! It's a good thing. :)

This is the first fml I've seen from nigeria

MEM0817 18

My Dad use to be the same way... he wouldn't let me watch a rated R movie until I was 18... gotta love protective Dads!

slushpup9696 12

My parents wouldn't let me drive until I turned sixteen. Talk about overprotective.

leadman1989 15

15 - I was driving at the ripe old age of 8 on my way to the coal factory. Talk about time to cut the umbilical.

SimpleMinds_fml 7

15. If that's supposed to be sarcastic, you have to be 17 not 18 to see R rated movies, so it's a bit strict.

perdix 29

#23. You are wrong. R-rated means that a young person can't get into the movie alone, but they can watch if accompanied by a parent or a friendly, local pedophile.

35- You are wrong. You can get into an "R" rated movie at age 17.

choloman 0

accompanied by a 21 year old works

DKParth13 5

You can get into rated r movies at any age but you have to know people !

It is kind of a strange movie to be at for a father-daughter date, don't ya think?

From what the OP has said, it seems like a whole family thing, not just father-daughter.

leadman1989 15

Everybody before you flip out on op note where she lives... her Dad probably has A LOT more control over her monetarily and governmentally.

I thumbed this comment up because I agree... It's not a good thing but I agree

leadman1989 15

It's a HORRIBLE thing. Decrease world suck and DFTBA. :)

fancymega 7

That's stoopid I'm Nigerian and I kno it duznt matter where she's from her dad still duznt control her

darkhungsolo 2

25 and still taking orders cut the strings

My dad turns off any movie with any 'curse word' including, damn, ass, pussy, and dick.

natashax21 5

That rules out just about every movie in theaters.

Ya... It's really funny to watch his reactions to cuss words. Especially since I cuss like a sailor (not around him), I think he'd slap me if he heard me cuss.