By mimiani - 5/11/2011 23:58 - Nigeria
Today, I watched Change-Up with my dad. He made us leave half-way through the movie, because he thought I was too young to watch a movie this explicit. I'm 25. FML
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I am a woman and it was really awkward watching it with my dad.
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  Jammy01jams  |  2

Lol. Sheltering parents make me laugh. A friend and I saw killer elite, and idiotically bright his parents. Us being 16 btw. There is the one scene where there are tits but they said nothing. I'm pretty sure in this generation our parents know we've seen nudity and vulgarity everywhere. Hell a ton of people I know have already had sex! Sometimes I wonder if our world is becoming acceptable.

FYI—I love the rating board for making R movies 14a in Canada!

  Jammy01jams  |  2

You guys are idiots. It is not normal to be fucking at 16. Plus not even that, most of the people have done it at an earlier age. My one friend had sex in Grade 6! WTF!

If you think that's normal then you're fucked.

  RageWolf16  |  31

Average age to lose your virginity is 17, but that includes outliers who wait until their 20s or 30s so most people probably did lose it around 15 or 16

  RawrNom  |  0

right. maybe he still sees you as his little girl! and then watching those films make him feel awkward. I felt awkward watching twilight with mine on DVD. he laughed through it.

  DjeePee  |  24

Pff, that's their own fault. If family members want to watch a movie together without feeling awkward, they should have watched some Disney, not a movie for grown-ups.

  perdix  |  29


You are wrong. R-rated means that a young person can't get into the movie alone, but they can watch if accompanied by a parent or a friendly, local pedophile.

  roseXthorns  |  8

Ya... It's really funny to watch his reactions to cuss words. Especially since I cuss like a sailor (not around him), I think he'd slap me if he heard me cuss.