By Anonymous - 22/8/2021 13:59

One law for thee…

Today, my boss called me while I was working from home to bitch me out over being away from my computer for 49 minutes, when my lunch break is only 45 minutes, thus wasting another 13 minutes. My boss is known for spending hours online gaming from home during work hours. FML
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By  RichardPencil  |  30

Why don't you rat him out to his boss and get him fired?

You can then take his job which involves online gaming and chewing out lazy shits such as yourself. Does that sound good?

By  Chazzster  |  22

If this is part of the pattern of him being a verbally abusive boss you should consider a different job. Some people only feel like they are “in charge” if they can abuse their subordinates from time to time. Those people are jerks with a serious character defect. They may have other more positive qualities - you have to decide if the job is worth it and if you can find a better one.

I suggest looking for a different job while still working your present one if this is representative of your boss’s normal behavior. Once you do that you may have other options…

By  LovelyMe1222  |  4

I mean I am no mathematician here but I'm pretty sure that 49 minus 45 is not 13....unless you meant that he wasted another 13 minutes bitching about it. Either way this statement does not add up correctly