By creeper - 03/09/2009 19:06 - United States

Today, I went to see my favorite band in concert. When the show was over I got the chance to meet them. When I met the guitarist and told him my name, he recognized me. To my disappointment it was as the facebook creeper. FML
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brrrx 0

YDI for being the definition of a facebook stalker.

deaditegirl 0

YDI for being a Facebook creeper.


brrrx 0

YDI for being the definition of a facebook stalker.

cyooty 0

Definitely does. Why do people feel the need to stalk other people? What is so satisfying about that?

No idea. But hey, if your name is on the restraining order, you can classify yourself as the biggest fan. (;

Jazzywrites007 2

Stalking not the best idea. OP, stay away they have a life too, maybe you should have one too.

deaditegirl 0

YDI for being a Facebook creeper.

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That was supposed to say "creeper". My "r" key sticks sometimes.

FML is a pretty cool guy, eh allows multiple posts with the same number and doesn't afraid of proper schemas. Seriously guys, your programmer/DBA/whatever is a goddamn moron, get someone who has a ******* clue as to what they're doing.

Yeah, I hate complaining but honestly it's starting to get annoying. Surely FML has made enough money by now to work out some better programming =P

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I'm not even sure if this comment will post. only does about half the time

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Aw, that actually sucks. I know how hard it is not to obsess over a favorite band, but just try to be a little less creepy in the near future. Lol.

They picked you out from their fans as their Facebook stalker? Bravo, good job on that. Either they have a decently sized fanbase of people that they picked you out of, which makes it not as bad, or they completely ******* suck and have a small amount of fantards like Brokencyde, Millionaires, and Blood On The Dance Floor do... which would be terrible.

No!! Blood on the dance floor is awesome!! D: "You shine like Noah's Ark" "You died in that crash site just like our love life" .....Seriously? ****** can't stay on key to save his life.

ah they suck big balls... wtf is that untalented shit? at least he could make it in a death metal or black metal song but it gives me headache just listening to it...

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Dude seriously? Blood On The Dance Floor is a) actually very popular and b) actually pretty good. It's not even my style yet I still enjoy their music when I want some easy listening. Just because you hate the style or the artists, doesn't mean you should hate on them. Trust me, I'm a musician and it pisses the **** out of me

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Creepiness is the way to go. ;)

x0stormbringer 0

sooo you met your favorite band and your life is ******?????

haha. YDI. did you give him something to remember you by? blood, hair, etc?...

they picked you out of their entire fan base as "the facebook creeper?" Do they have a really small fan base or something?