By Username - 29/11/2010 14:22

Today, a woman laughed after hearing my voice for the first time. This happens whenever I meet someone new, without fail. FML
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Don't worry about it, Mike Tyson. Just punch her out or bite her ear off.

perdix 29

Stop sucking helium. Or start sucking helium if that helps. Otherwise, try sulfur hexafluoride.



Testosterone can be purchased on EBay.

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^^looks like you could use it yourself by the looks of your picture.


That's Ralph Maccio (the original karate kid) and yes a little shot of testosterone wouldn't hurt.

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I'm assuming you get yours on eBay then how's that working out for you? and talk about picture fails dude it that a hickey on your next, now that's an epic fail.


wow miss iloveeeyou before you are freaking retarded. make sure you know what the hell your talking about and can spell on atleast a second grade level before you try to insult someone. btw... look at your picture?? you have no room to talk. looks like you use testosterone yourself.

iloveeeyou 0

haha, well wtf do you look like? ohh wait that's right you don't have a pic, too embarrassed to show yourself.

trust me he/she. you don't wanna see a picture of me. it would put your nasty face to shame. if you understand what I'm saying.. since you are on a second grade comprehensive level.

"Ivannto"s comments are enjoyable and I find them funny.

Iloveeeyou and hott15, will you two just quit flirting and **** already? Jesus, the sexual tension is palpable.

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agreed, im on the edge of my pants over here

Yeah, really. I would have done it for free.

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that's mean. no one should Judge from your voice. I would not ask out a girl if she had a great personality but weird voice.

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What celebrity voice does the Op's most resemble? Mine sounds like Marvin the robot from hhgtg

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I just want to know, what does the OP sound like?

Don't worry about it, Mike Tyson. Just punch her out or bite her ear off.

perdix 29

Stop sucking helium. Or start sucking helium if that helps. Otherwise, try sulfur hexafluoride.

IT'S SCIENTIFIC! HAHAHA! Looks like you watch Mythbusters, eh Perdix?

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Maybe when you turn 15 it'll change...

Sloppyflow, how much helium have you inhaled today?

That clearly hasn't worked for the Biebs. He still sounds like a post-pubescent girl. The hair will only get him so far...

#31 First of all, do you mean pre-pubescent or did you intend to say post? And while we're on the topic of puberty... Oh God which hair are you talking about?

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shut up hater he is hot and is very talented <33333

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he's practicing with his voice coach so he is intentionally trying to keep his voice like that for a while because that's what his fans like :P

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I was talking about Justin Beiber not OP && get your facts straight before you judge someone

#67 obviously pubic... Haha she said pubescent which refers to puberty when you get pubescent hair... Also how does she know this persons not over 15 they may just have a weird voice

You do know you can take lessons for that, do you? Many people speak on a wrong way.

on a wrong way? theres lessons for what you have as well... special ed.

no, the "lessons" there is called grammar school you moron...

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Try vocal training. It might not be able to change the pitch your voice is centered around, but it can strengthen it, improve range both ways, and add a bit of resonance to it.

Speech modulation classes were exactly what I was going to suggest. I had to take them when I moved to the States because of my accent. They have classes to help you adjust your speech patterns, breathing, and even your tone.

This made me think of the water park scene on Grown Ups! BEAUTIFUL male specimen but as soon as he talks he has this squeeky helium voice with an accent haha! But I do know a guy in real life that has this tall amazing body but this terrible little boy voice... He got made fun of a lot, then he joined the police force. So OP, if youre male and it bothers you that bad, join the force and either people will be afraid to laugh at you or you can push them around if they do :) Haha

that's the first thing that came to my mind too!!!!