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Today, after having taken hormone tablets to try to increase my cup size, I realized that I've basically reversed my menopause. FML
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perdix 29

You should never fool around with your hormones for cosmetic purposes. Period.

You really get to the bloody point, don't you?


divaboots 8

It's called a boob job, or try to be happy with your boobs. Reversing menopause most likely isn't worth an extra cup size, but good luck OP.

Trisha_aus 15

Sometimes having small boobs isn't that bad Op!

I wish my boobs were small! I want to get a boob reduction.

1, Sometimes it's hard to be happy with your boobs. Women tend to wish to be what they are not. I would not blame OP for wanting to be what she isn't. Blame the hormone tablets. (:

citymayer 7

I thought I was the only one 30!!! I complain about how big my boobs are and get verbally slapped for being "so upset" about something "fortunate" even though last time I checked I'm allowed to hate my body...

36 and 30: I thought I was the only one too!! Glad to know there are others... xD

Haha I looked at your name quickly and I thought it said divaboobs hahaha

Sometimes I wish I didn't live in Missouri. at least not in St. Louis.

Whenever I run, I either get slapped in the face or pull a chest muscle.

30 - what size is "small" to you? B? most well-endowed girls who want a boob reduction (girls who i've talked to, anyway) would not go smaller than B or in few cases, A. OP might have AA or inexistant boobs, veeeery few girls would choose a flat chest if they were given the choice.

missamazinggg 12

I want to go down to a C cup. C is the perfect size.

85 - C is not "small". So why is it wrong for someone with small boobs to want to go up to a C-cup but it's OK for someone to want to go down to a C-cup? Where's the logic in that? (Scrolling back up I realized you're not #30 so this is not really directed at you... But my point still stands.)

I never once said that it is wrong to want bigger boobs. All I said was my boobs are too big (being EE). They cause me problems with my back, they also make your chest really hot and uncomfortable. Hence the boob reduction. Going to a C cup would be halftime boobs now. If anyone wants a boob job good for them, I never said it was a bad thing a girls are stupid for it.

Half my not halftime, also a girl is suppose to be and girls.

missamazinggg 12

98- I never said a C cup is small. It's been actually proven by surveys that guys prefer a C. Some say a B is too small and others say a D is too big.

**** science. I'm a B and I'm a little less than happy with it, but it is what it is. Stop using "science" to make wht you say backed up. Show me the article. Otherwise you'll tell me it's from the Internet.

It really doesn't matter about science or polls. It's about what makes you happy and comfortable with your body.

No one's happy with what they have. That's why there are hair straighteners AND hair curlers.

Personally, as a guy my breast preference has nothing to do with size. It's all about shape. Generally if the nipple points upward it's hot. If it points at the ground it's not. Perky A cups with a good nipple placement are WAY sexier than D cup jungle boobs.

#111 Well geez, hopefully not ALL guys prefer C cups. :/

missamazinggg 12

112- I never said science, learn to read. 119- not ALL guys prefer a C. It's just a survey. I know a few of my guy friends who prefer smaller because that's just their preference. But 113 is right, you should be happy with your body and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Blooblibloo 4

I have a C and if I could choose I'd rather have a B. I thing smaller boobs are nice. Bigger are too, but I am more a discret girl so I prefer discret boobs. Anyway, nobody is happy with what they have. It's okey to have plastic chirurgie I guess, but it would be better if we could accept not being 'perfect', instead of suffering and taking risk to change what we look like. But it's just my opinion. And I think there is a reason if we are imperfect, it's to keep us for being to vain :D

Blooblibloo 4

I think I used the wrong word: surgery*

Boob jobs are ugly and completely noticable so stfu on that. I see why that comment is so thumbed down.

Not everyone with small boobs wishes they were bigger. I'm happy being an A cup.

if I couldn't sleep on my chest I would kill myself.

every1luvsboners 11

You have to insert them rectally to get the full effect.

I like the idea. Does it work with all medicine?

Dr0reos 8

39-Yes except for OxyContin for some weird reason. also OP one word: Implants ;)

Soak a rag in vodka and shove it up your ass. It will get you drunk really fast.

Inheritance 10

75 I heard you can die from that.. So..

Yes you can die. Because no liver to filter out all the alcohol so it's I believe 3-5x more potent because it will go directly into your blood stream through the same way nutrients from food get in it.

perdix 29

You should never fool around with your hormones for cosmetic purposes. Period.

You really get to the bloody point, don't you?

16- that is such an old joke. You really CRAMPed the style of the puns.

I'm not in the MOOD to SWING.... No? Okay fine....

starman02 12

Y'all should put a plug in it

coolboy675 16
KiddNYC1O 20

You guys are very anal... Sphincter. Fail.

You're that worried about your image at thy age that you're dousing yourself with hormones? Pathetic, enjoy period symptoms again.

10-i thought you were making a joke about her age by talking in Shakespearean english, implying shes from that time. I thought it was funny. Yay for autocorrects failure

you may never know what happened to her she could have a breast reduction surgery.

So didn't you speak to a doctor before doing this? Or did you just assume it would be a fantastic idea to **** with your body's hormone levels? Any competent doctor could have warned you about that, which leads me to believe you were doing this independantly of any licensed professional. Do you prescribe yourself painkillers too? Walk into a pharmacy and grab yourself some oxycoxet, maybe a handful of morphine? There is no way you DON'T deserve this. You can kill yourself screwing around with medication. Count yourself lucky you didn't wind up with something more serious going on, and go see a bloody doctor.

What I'm wondering is where she even bought them without the permission of a doctor. If one gave her dangerous hormones for stupid reasons like this, they need to lose their license.

Zverina 20

People are too serious sometimes.

lelo007 11

It was probably some "As seen on TV" tablets that are supposed to be all natural. More people need to do their research on stuff like that. There's a reason Phin-Phin and other medicines of the like were outlawed and have lawsuits piling up against the companies.

She also could have been subscribed them by a doctor and this ended up being a side effect they they may or may not have known about. Those things happen too

Coming from a person who has had two of her relatives ruin their lives from hormonal pills, I agree. Use your brain op... For god's sake!

So you're telling me that sketchy guy in the dark alley behind my gym was WRONG when he told me it was OK to take 8 times the normal recommended HGH dosing? And to think, all this time, I thought the hair on the inside of my eyelids was normal...

It's extremely easy to get medication online, especially hormones.

lelo007 11

It seems like this would have been a side effect your doctor would have mentioned to you. Hopefully it is just short term until your body adjusts to the new level of hormones that is going through your body. If you're doing this on your own, YDI. Kind of a foolish.

Drinking beer helps your boobs grow, get drunk. You'll also increase the number of guys that will want to take you home.

I also heard your driving skill increases too.

KingCeltic77 18

Sounds like you've been watching manswers...

FireFlie07 20

You couldn't get breast implants??? I got a breast reduction two years ago. Big boobs aren't as fun as they sound. I do not miss them.

I've been considering getting a breast reduction. How was the procedure? The thought of the surgery is really the only thing that's stopping me from having it done.