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By miss Suzanne - 14/09/2010 21:46 - United States

Today, I got a brand new couch. My husband told me to keep our puppy off of it so we could keep it nice. She jumped on it, and as I picked her up to put her back on the floor, her claws dragged across it and ripped 2 of the cushions. FML
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It ripped through the fabric?? Is your pup a damn wolverine? lol

Turn the cushions over! :)


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That's why you pick her up off of it. Not drag her across the couch. Lol

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well off to the pound with the dog.

That's what you get with a bitch  like that, pussies are much better. 

Really? Warranty? A dog tearing up the couch is not a manufacturer's defect. Why should the manufacturer have to pay for a new couch?

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I wasn't ranting about a warranty.. It depends on the cost of the couch. If you have a puppy, getting a brand new expensive couch isn't a good idea.. Plus those are some sharpass claws.

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if it was leather they wouldn't have that problem.

Ydi for having a bitch. Get a pussy grow some balls and don't buy furniture that can't handle pets!

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Hold it their 18... Kids are great for labor. When you're lazy and don't want to mow the lawn, or do the dishes, or get a drink. That's what my parents do anyways T_T. They call me Manuel Labor. 22- Who said it was a bitch? And pussies (in your context) suck balls!

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22 - Lmfao, you made my day! That was hilarious! 

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right. let's say I believe you.

, you're

37- FYI, a bitch is another name for a female dog.

Lol I find it amusing how mild the fmls have gotten :D

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NO WAY 65! You didn't think that I might have also been refering to the dog as a bitch as well? Just saying gender of dog is not specified T_T.

Yes, 71, it is. "She" and "her" are words generally used to refer to females.

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Well that's confusing because OP also refered to it as an "it" :(

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ha ha

Sorry, 76, but the OP didn't do that. "It" in the FML always refers to the couch, never the dog.

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Damn, today is not my day!

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threadjacking is weak

really. i had no idea

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simple. just flip the cushion. dumbass...

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97- silence! noob


puppies are so adorable :)

In order to be on the same intellectual level as people replying to #1, I would like to say this to OP: ao;dhfjkagsdkbfiafjkabdfjadjkfbasdbfasddfadfsuckaljdhsfoahdslfhaljdickopfaggotjklsdhflhldhaklfakfjkabjkyouresostupidooahflhaldhfanhlnjyoushouldgetashdlfhsomeballsandpussylaksdfklhherpnajsdfljbdlbshahslfhljasdshouldveknownthiswouldabjsdghflabhdfhalshappenjasdjlfhfaglabsldfhjabhjklbfjkderp

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Murphy's law in action lol

Tragic, my ass. YDI!!

You done goofed. Bravo. Go buy more cushions. (:

I actually think it was finagle's law, not murphy's

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or flip them over

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blame it on the alcohol

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^ blame it on the fat

bravesfan112233's pic FTW!!!!! XDDDDD

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Well it's obviously YDI for having a dog.

yo i want tht pic

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I fails :P

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yes you do fail :p

Blasphemy! C&H never fails!

cyanide and happyness is a beast

Sharp claws for a dog. o____o

I was thinking that too. and OP just flip the cushions over

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Maybe it's an X-dog. Adamantium claws.

I LOL'd at this comment.

should trim the puppy's claws... They shouldn't be sharp enough to tear a couch..

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For reals tho.

mine does, but they're usually not sharp

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Might as well, since OP'a husband is going to beat her once he comes home.

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kill the dog... beat her!! 

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me too i would like never let it in again xD

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u mean the wife right? lol.

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haha hd

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It's really not the dogs fault. The wife should have put sheets or some covering on the sofas until she trained the dog to not be on the couch. No reason to be mean to the dog guys : )

I wouldn't beat the dog. It just would never come out of its cage ever again.

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Somebody is not going to be too happy when they get home from work.

awww that sucks. :(

Turn the cushions over! :)

#11, that will only work if the cushions look the same on both sides. On my leather sofa one side is leather and the bottom is some other material. But if both sides are the same, then yeah, that would work. :)

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Flip the cushions, he will never know.

The puppy really wanted to be on the couch.