By Anonymous - 20/05/2009 15:11 - United States

Today, I went to my girlfriend's Catholic all girls high school to ask her to prom by decorating her car. As soon as I walked on campus the school went into lock down because of a "suspicious male intruder." When I saw my girlfriend, she denied knowing me. I was arrested. FML
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ombrelle 0

how can you still call her your girlfriend? She clearly doesn't care about you I mean she got you arrested!

Carnivaldead 0

Might want to consider getting a new girlfriend.


did you think that perhaps that because she goes to an all girls Catholic school that you would be risking getting her in severe trouble by having her bf sneaking around vandalizing a car on school premises? hmmmm!

That's justification for an arrest? Rrrrrrright......

deaditegirl 0

She was probably trying to avoid getting in trouble, like 12 said. And could you really not think of a better way to ask her to prom?

#12 just proves my point, the catholic organization and school system is just stupid they take silly crap like that WAYYYY to seriously. And no i wont apologize for thinking the entire religion is bogus.

What the hell?! thats not much of a girlfriend! you're probably better off without her

teebonehead 0

um you could get arrested for trespassing on ANY school's campus that you're not a student at... not just an all girl's catholic school. and not even for just "vandalizing", if you simply step foot on another school's campus, that's considered trespassing. welcome to high school rules 101.

BULLSHIT. Pubic land is not trespassing. But since this was a private school, it was.

Lmao! *public

sometimes phone calls r boring, what wrong with trying to do something nice?

idreamofpeace 0

That's terrible! I do agree with #12, but she still shouldn't have lied about it. I'm tempted to say that it's time for you to find a new girlfriend. :P

whatever 12 said, she wouldnt had had a too horrible punishment. i went to an all girls catholic school, i would know. and anyway, not worst that getting arrested like op did! lousy gf

Your girlfriend is a cunt.