By Anonymous - United States
Today, I went to visit teachers at the high school I graduated from 3 months ago as valedictorian. Turns out, I had an expired parking permit, and I didn't properly get a visitor pass. The school went into a "yellow lockdown" because of me. My car was towed. I got arrested for trespassing. FML
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  hibarisanstr  |  0

"Terrorist Alert! All students please escort yourselves to the high school bomb shelter! I repeat, all students escort yourselves to the high school bomb shelter."

  AngryC4t  |  0

What the hell kind of school did you go to? There's a car with no parking permit and they lock the place down?

(Also, I agree that it would be epic if Asians were involved in any way.)

  sulitak  |  27

yes, because caring for the safety of the school is a bad thing.
My h/s (even when my sister drove before 9/11 occurred) had a "unauthorized vehicles will be towed" sign... they're not going to let someone use spaces they could get money for (our school made us pay)
Aren't a majority of school shootings kids from the school/people the school would know?

Kudos to the school for actually giving a shit about their student's safety.

  johobus28  |  26

I'm sorry, but I disagree wholly. I agree that the school should try to prevent the shootings, but they're being a bit extreme about it. At my school, only the main doors are ever open, the classroom door are always locked, more often than not, I have to walk all the way around the school just to get to class because they won't let me park near the door. Plus we've got two armed policemen walking the school at any given time. It's starting to look more like a jail than school. All these new "security measures" are way too extreme as I'm sure OP would testify

By  djb23  |  0

schools don't go into yellow lockdown for one car with an expired parking permit. plus at least some teachers would recognize you if you just graduated. i call shenanigans!

  amonymous1234  |  0

When I graduated as valedictorian and went back to visit my school many months later, my problem was that all of the teachers, hall monitors, administrators, etc. recognized me, so I couldn't get away with wandering the halls, as I probably could have if I had been some random student.

  bmach  |  0

You'd be surprised. Schools tend to have such strict rules that it's beyond paranoia in most cases. You can thank the culture of fear that's developed since the late 20th century.

  FarSide  |  22

And YOU win an Honorary FML for being named like "Tyson Fawlay". And FYL for not changing it.

Yes, sadly it can be dangerous here in America sometimes... even in schools. Because WE won't take shit from each other, and we DAMN well won't take it from foreigners.