By spilum_endalaust - 20/05/2009 13:24 - United States

Today, after a long night of cramming for an extensive Anatomy final (detailed diagrams included), I check the senior final schedule to find that Anatomy is not till tomorrow, but I take Calculus in 10 minutes. This is followed by an e-mail from my teacher saying I can exempt Anatomy. FML
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spilum_endalaust tells us more.

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Hey, I did check my final schedule, I just happened to switch the time and day for Calculus and Anatomy. My fault definitely, but still not fun when you realize you're going to be late for an exam you didn't study for.

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#1: Then why're you bothering to comment on it?


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Although completely unrelated to your comment… Damn you Murphey!!!!!!!!!!!! Screw your laws!!!!!

should have been more careful but it does suck

So... how well do you and "math" get along?

could have been worse anatomy is a lot harder than calculus

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#1: Then why're you bothering to comment on it?

Check and re-check the info. Never rely purely on your brain (especially with a brain like yours) Hope you passed ok. Calculus can be a bitch!

Wow that sucks. oh ya and #1, u just wasted a comment. good job.

Atleast he didn't make it known that he's first.

Ooh, that sucks! But at least you would have been well prepared. Next time, print yourself out a list of when your exams are and double/triple check it. That's what I do after I almost missed an exam in my first year of university (it was on Monday night and I found out about it that morning).