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Today, after spending 20 minutes every day working on my abs for the last month and feeling pretty good about how they were looking, I received the first comment about them. A girl poked them and said 'squish'. FML
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sndc_fml tells us more.

I am the OP and... 1) whoever said it earlier... I am doing the P90X ab ripper 2) I also have been running 2 miles nearly every other day 3) I have also been going to the gym and taking supplements 4) I'm not fat at all, in fact very skinny 5) This was the girl I liked 6) yes, I squished her back

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I'm sorry to post this at the top folks, but I'm just as pissed as hell. How could you people reject an FML regarding the anniversary of my deceased wife as of Sept 11th, 2001, and my wishes to remember those lost and keep their families and loved ones in thought and prayer? I know it was eight years ago, but this was a tradgedy that rocked the U.S. to it's very core, and the world, to an extent, shared deeply in this devestating event. Is it already so insignificant that nobody cares, or were you just trying to avoid potential debate on the matter? To FML staff, I would highly appreciate if you did not remove this post, as I am quite curious as to what people think of this matter, and I am not in any way trying to start a flame fest, or whatever else you may call people being negative. Thanks

You don't post a memorial about something painful in a place some people go to alleviate pain by having a laugh. The towers weren't just full of Americans, but people from around the world. I lost an Aunt in the tower destruction, she and myself are Canadian. She worked for the UN. Some people need to 'forget' to move on. It doesn't mean we don't remember who was lost. It just means for people like me, the event was so painful that bringing the event back into full scope might put us into a depressive state. I doubt the people we mourn would want us to live unhappily because of what happened. We all have our way to deal with it. To impose your methods onto others is preaching. If you want to share what happened, find a place that tells you they accept memorials, don't tell people they're wrong because they didn't do it for you (especially a humorous website).

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sorry but thats way too serious of a matter for fml, im sorry for your loss but that type of thing is not for fml

Its because this website's stories are supposed to be funny. Not some sort of tragic story where people expect to get moral support n stuff.

Agreed. Plus I couldn't give a shit :) On another note: statiscally 9/11 of Americans won't get this joke, while 7/7 of British people will.

Wow, that 9/11 and 7/7 joke is mean. :P I got it, and im British.

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do you also post about the Haitian earthquake and the tsunami on peopleofwalmart?

haha im sorry that really sucks but its kinda funny :P

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And you've got to eat fewer calories than you burn. If you've been motivated to do this ab training on a 1 sit-up/crunch = 1 French fry basis, you are not going to get the results you want.

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oh yes, WE are retarded for not being able to speak cretin...

I've done 1000 pushups in a day multiple times. Navy SEALs actually do about 3000 a day during hellweek. How would doing 1000 pushups turn you into a pile of ash? _________________________

Her wording was "bad"? Sir, you are a MASTER of poetic understatement. I tip my hat to you.

"1000 times of abs"?? LMAO. I think you mean "reps". And abs are the muscles, not the name of an exercise. AND it's a bit hypocritical of you to be calling other people retarded despite apparently not being able to figure out that if you're comparing two different quantities you need a verbal qualifier for each, otherwise the same qualifier (in this case minutes) will be assumed for both. ...I don't even know why I said that last part, chances are you won't understand it.

... you used to flirt by surreptitiously calling people fat? And how did that work out for you?

"Squish" wasn't meant to call them fat. It was a way for me to express a sort of affection using a silly word, and the poking was just an excuse to touch the object of my affection. It actually worked out quite well, and it's something I still sometimes say when I hug my current boyfriend. He seems to like it :).

agreed. and "squish" doesn't only apply to fat-- poking any soft tissue can potentially result in a squish. Even muscle is relatively soft to poke at if it's not flexed. As for surreptitiously calling people fat: if it's obvious the other person is not fat and you make it obvious that you don't actually mean they are fat, then yes that's a form of flirting. To use an analogy that someone else has used before: If an attractive girl says to an ugly/gross/disgusting guy "ew get away from me; you're gross" while wincing and frowning, that's not flirting. However, if she says the same thing to an attractive guy while smiling and moving closer toward him / increasing physical contact, then that is flirting.

flirting is retarded. :/ i'll stick with being fairly straightforward.

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ok no offense but ure taking it way to serious. fact is people that think that a person is able to do 1000 min per day of abbs is retarded, I would think that people on this mediocre website would be able to guess that i meant 1000 reps, and actually some people to call it abs its just another way of calling it. well it is my fault, expecting you people with no life to understand such things.

and you can't tell by your own spelling why people would think you were stupid enough to suggest 1000 minutes rather than reps?

Null wins. "1000 min per day of abbs" Was that ******* English? You REALLY shouldn't talk about others' intelligence.

WTF no 3? So you sit in your house and do 1000 sit-ups or crunches or whatever EVERY day? I'm getting a defined 6, but I only do like 30-40 crunches on a weight machine every other day. Are you retarded or something? Actually, I looked at your other posts, number 3m anbd I have my answer to the afforementioned question. Deepest Sympathy to the 9/11 guy widow.

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ok actually yes i do because i play tennis at an international level and thats part of my work out. So yes and stfu all u guys are fat and have no life. =]

for the record doing 1000 reps is retarded you're supposed to add weight and do a normal amount

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Maybe if you read the comment he posted, you would see that he does run 2 miles every other day or so. Think before you call someone a dumbass. It makes you look like... well, a dumbass. And its cunches, crutches are used if you have an injured ankle, knee, etc to help you walk. They have no relevance to your abdominals.

most ppl in this thread don't know what they're talking about. it all comes down to diet, if you have trouble losing fat put on some muscle first (via heavy compound movements) so you burn more calories just by sitting. also op, 1 month isn't long enough for the average person to get a 6 pack. to lose fat eat at a caloric deficit and cut out junk food like simple carbs and greasy sugary treats that spike your insulin levels and prevent fat burning

It sure is a good thing Debbtennis is some pro tennis player and can do a crazy amount of core workouts. I sure as **** wouldn't want you around normal society. I don't even know you and I can tell you are as smart as the weights you lift. Shazziing

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1000? So almost 17 hours a day? Are you ******* retarded?

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no r u retarded how the hell would u think that 1000 takes 17 hours per day? like seriously. i do them in about 30 min. so i bet ure pretty fat if you do 1000 in 17 hours. hahaha lmao.

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You said "ure probly not working enough 20 min isnt enough u have to do at least 1000 per day." This means something like "20 minutes isn't enough, you have to do 1000 minutes a day", translating to 16 hours and 40 minutes.

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1000 situps, each taking 3 seconds each (a _good_ one) would take 50 minutes... If you don't stop at all or slow down.

no UR retarded hes saying since you said 1000 mins thats like 17 hours duhh

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Yo bro you're doing it wrong. First off, don't work out every day unless you're taking ice baths (literally, a bath full of ice) because your muscles don't have enough time to rebuild. Leave at least one day in between, two is best. Go for runs, they're good for your abs, and you can do that every day as well.

True, leave a little bit of time in betweem, and remember that it is NOT about the reps (1000 really fast push ups isnt that great) but try doing 50 slow ones, like 2 seconds up 2 seconds down and then do a couple sets of those...then start up a day or two after.

hey, the P90X Ab Blaster is a half hour 3 times a week (in addition to the other things you do every day), and it gets results~maybe you just aren't doing it right, or it's ALL you're doing.

yeah, um... Spot training.... does not work, and your abs are a muscle, you have to work them every other day, not everyday, so your definatly not working out right.