By captainocd - United States
  Today, my incredibly self conscious girlfriend decided to get over her fears and let me see her in her underwear. She did a short strip tease, crawled on top of me and asked what I thought. I couldn't think of anything to say besides, "Your bra and panties don't match." FML
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btw, "GrammerNazi..."
I do believe that "grammer" is spelled "grammar"! If you like grammar so much(which you learn in English), I highly suggest going back to English class and learn some spelling. After all, spelling comes before grammar. That's at least the way we were taught when we were little.

  404error_fml  |  0

ughhh you guys, grammernazi has the right idea here. he asked what panites were, not panties. because in the fml, it's spelled wrong. :P haha, sorry, that wad bothering me. :)
anyway, OP- not FYL, FYgf'sL... xP

  HiveMindFury  |  15

114: My impression is that he didn't pressure her into it, he said that she "decided to get over her fears and let me see her in her underwear."

Of course, he could have pressured her into it but not said that in the FML, and if he did that then yeah, he totally deserves it and he is a douche. But hopefully he didn't.

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panites are the people who live in the city of pantopia, in the glorious region of panopolis, and who serve and worship the god pan, that word can also be used to describe residents and pantropolis, pan city, new pan, and panston
silly goose, this is elementary education

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I agree 212....139 if you're that worried about your body start working out...or are you one of those b****es who has a nice body and are just screaming for attention? I know quite a few skanks who say oh I don't think I look that nice and then they f**k pretty much every guy at that party...yep maybe you're one of those.