By captainocd - 19/08/2010 19:16 - United States

Today, my incredibly self conscious girlfriend decided to get over her fears and let me see her in her underwear. She did a short strip tease, crawled on top of me and asked what I thought. I couldn't think of anything to say besides, "Your bra and panties don't match." FML
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Two things: 1. Poor girl. No wonder she's self-conscious. 2. OP, your man card, please. *holds out hand*

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what a jerk, if you gave her some compliments she might have higher confidence


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lol he was prbly too shocked

wow, seriously?

well if she werent wearing a bra or panties theyre pretty matching to me

155 grammar = life

Maddiiiex 1

wow, i hope she dumps your stupid ass.

dang! shoulda had a V8!

I'm just as curious

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always make a girl feel good! otherwise youre not getting laid.

Well then buy her some that match ;) DUH

yeah but maybe he was just dumbfounded or something

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If that's all you could think of, you didn't deserve the show

ellielovesyuh 0

fail. u shoulda said that she looked hot! d:

judging by his name, he has ocd and when her bras and panties didn't match he was instinctively bothered by it

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smh... -L-

collegegirl87 0

ohhh I didn't notice that! way to go 23! :)

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and then u say so that's y u need to take them off :)

yeah but 23 he didn't have to say anything about it. being in the military, I have to hold my tongue all the time

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#40 win

no kidding. what an ass you are, op.

um. that's your cue to just start making out with her. ESPECIALLY when you're speechless. ydi

Just long as the clothes are off right? why do they have to match

Peacemaker9 7

holy shit I have no clue how to respond to op what a that's beyond fail!!!!!

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fail man.

I hate when my bra and panties don't match.. :P

I don't get it. What are panites?

Peacemaker9 7

u serious?^^^

grammer there like ski masks you put over your head.

Panite/pAn-ight 1. n.- a follower of the pancake clan, commonly known as the PAN gang

You deserved it for pressuring her into showing you her underwear. Douche bag. I feel sorry for her.

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I'm bet that turned her on!

fishpho 0

I'm bet that turned her on!

fishpho 0

I'm bet that turned her on!

thank you, fishpho. I get it. I was wondering also what panites are..

shouldve had a twix!

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lmao I agree

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twix win....haha

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seriously op? I'm a very self conscious girl, I woulda smacked you and dumped your ass right there. that's terrible. I'm sure you made her feel GREAT. dumbass

today I got over my fear and let my boyfriend see me in my underwear. all he said was "your bra and panties don't match" FML.

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Seriously grammer? Ever hear of a life? You should probably start looking for yours again. Just sayin!

what guy actually cares about matching bra and panties

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yea. I just want them off.

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btw, "GrammerNazi..." I do believe that "grammer" is spelled "grammar"! If you like grammar so much(which you learn in English), I highly suggest going back to English class and learn some spelling. After all, spelling comes before grammar. That's at least the way we were taught when we were little.

that's for your gf do put on FML...

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at least you didn't say something like, "your boobs are oddly shaped"

twinny_sc 13

Need a moment? Chew it over with twix!

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ughhh you guys, grammernazi has the right idea here. he asked what panites were, not panties. because in the fml, it's spelled wrong. :P haha, sorry, that wad bothering me. :) anyway, OP- not FYL, FYgf'sL... xP

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114: My impression is that he didn't pressure her into it, he said that she "decided to get over her fears and let me see her in her underwear." Of course, he could have pressured her into it but not said that in the FML, and if he did that then yeah, he totally deserves it and he is a douche. But hopefully he didn't.

sounds like a homo to me...

139 you need to lighten up. seriously that's a little too far

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What's panites?

#214, panites are the people who live in the city of pantopia, in the glorious region of panopolis, and who serve and worship the god pan, that word can also be used to describe residents and pantropolis, pan city, new pan, and panston silly goose, this is elementary education

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I can't stop laughing...

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I agree 212....139 if you're that worried about your body start working out...or are you one of those b****es who has a nice body and are just screaming for attention? I know quite a few skanks who say oh I don't think I look that nice and then they f**k pretty much every guy at that party...yep maybe you're one of those.

he could be using OCD as an excuse

dick. I bet you'll never see her naked

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#1- im from the bay!! i wonder if its the same "bay"?

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good shit lol

Chocolate_Chunk 2

#19, maybe she diddn't

#9 Yes! thank you!

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what a jerk, if you gave her some compliments she might have higher confidence

j5p332 6


LMAO!!! ahhahahahahaha funniest shit ever!!!

Maybe he froze because he was surprised and didn't know what to sya?

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SMH. Fail.

sourgirl101 28

Smack my hinny

Super midget horn

seriously my homie? you are all idiots :P

Maybe u have no sense of humor

56 it's shaking my head

AjLover 0

shaking my head

italianboy_fml 0

62 u r hot

Wow I had no idea this could mean so many different things :P I know it as shaking my head. lol.

taylorlynn1125 1

It's Scratching my head. You're the idiot.

wow ... youre sexy :D

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what a loser!

Two things: 1. Poor girl. No wonder she's self-conscious. 2. OP, your man card, please. *holds out hand*

yeah, man card revoked. should have said shes sexy or something, now i hope you never get another chance

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32 you are allowed to take his man card. 8 is a chick, and they canny hold a man card. Just not possible!

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you dun goofed!

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consequences will never be the same

I have one. It's pink, I got it from a bunch of my guy friends because I'm apparently more of a man than they are. I treasure it always :D

Two things: 1. Poor girl. No wonder she's self-conscious. 2. OP, your man card, please. *holds out hand*

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lol @ this totally agree!

11 you don't need his man card you have your own

If you're trying to imply that she looks like a man, you're way off base... she really doesn't. I can't think of anything else that could mean.

Thanks 181 : )

Well at least you admit that was stupid, and honestly it really wasn't so bad. I hope you still made it up to her :)

Wow. Maybe your the one that makes her self conscious? Try complimenting her next time ;)

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Sooo I'm thinking she'll never do that again.

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hahah yeh, ur right, probably not. hah

Sounds like he lost out for good

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What a homo