By saywhat - / Friday 26 November 2010 03:28 / United States
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  tamiami247  |  0

Yeah, if you haven't had dairy or meats for a while, it makes you super sick after you start again...& milk tastes so lumpy/gross after months of Soymilk...♥

  TheDrifter  |  23

I also hope it made you sick op. Lack of animal protein causes degradation of the body's digestive abilities. Ydi for ignoring millennia of human evolution.

  a1s  |  3

YDI. Either you are a vegan, in which case you shouldn't eat meat, come hell or high water. (well, ok, if a gun is in your head and you have to eat meat, you could, because it's your life or the animals, and you should chose yours) Or you actually aren't a vegan, in which case you should embrace the eating of meat- 8/10 vegetarians agree that meat is tastier than soy, and if it wasn't murder they'd eat it. So go for it. But you can't be both, and the mom was right to call you a hypocrite.

  theRovingMage  |  0

At Trueblue and the rest: I can see her conundrum. She doesn't want to offend her boyfriend's mom, who has obviously put so much work into the meal, but she also doesn't want to eat meat. I honestly admire her for eating what she hates just to be polite.

I agree that she should have mentioned it beforehand, but if she didn't, she did the most polite thing possible.

Before the haters chime in, I'm a vegetarian, so it's not like I don't know about having a special diet.


I noticed in your bio instead of using "There is no excuse," you used "They're is no excuse." Meaning you need to teach yourself proper grammar rather than twelve-year-olds on FML


Maybe you need to learn what the fuck sarcasm is. Then, maybe you'll see that I did that ironically to a) mock everyone else that DOESN'T know the difference, and to b) fuck with internet smartasses like you that don't understand sarcasm.

  dudeitsdanny  |  9

You know.. It seems people tell vegetarians/vegans YDI for the most part on here..

In the FMLs in which vegetarian/vegan OPs stand up for their beliefs, people tell them they deserve it for not just eating the meal they were served to avoid being rude.

Here OP does just that and people say she deserves it for not standing up for her beliefs.

Where are the people who wanted OPs to so this when one actually does and vice versa?

  sasonzal  |  4

one time a father his kid and there donkey went to the market,the father was on the donkey and the kid was walking,everybody said"that's a terrible father letting his young kid walk like this"the next day the kid was on the donkey and the father was walking,everybody said"that's a terrible kid letting his old father walk like this"the day after they were both on the donkey and everybody said"that's terrible of them to put so much weight on the poor donkey"the next day they went with the donkey but no one was on him,evreybody made fun of them saying "there stupid they could of sat on him"
no matter what you do people won't be happy with it,

  0opsie  |  6

Then the vegans would've showed up and said "It's terrible that they're making the donkeys carry them. Animals are not our slaves."


No, 123, he said "conform" not "piss off". You shouldn't abandon your beliefs and lose your sense of self in order to please another, which I believe applies whether or not your with them for the rest of your life.

  pinkdottedbow  |  0

Even though it may seem that you must always follow your vegan/vegetarian beliefs, it is also rude to force your boyfriend's relatives to go out of their way to make a completely separate meal just for you.

By  ImaginaryFoe  |  0

You're whining because someone said something to you that was true. Do you honestly not see that YDI? If you were a "loyal" vegan, you wouldn't have eaten steak. It sounds to me like you wanted it but wanted to be able to blame someone else.

Do you also eat eggs for breakfast because they happen to be there? Side of bacon with your veggie burger? If you're going to claim the title, live the life. That would've been mentioned to the bf's mum by any true vegetarian I know.

  bamagrl410  |  31

Exactly. Should've just found a polite way to decline. I highly doubt the steak was the only thing they cooked, so it's not like there was nothing else. That or next time tell them in advance. If it was important enough, OP would've been sure to plan around it.

  charllotttee  |  3

eating eggs and other things because "they're there" isn't the same thing. a lot of people would be offended by her not eating their food for a major meal like that


And those people would be arseholes. It's like expecting an orthodox jew to eat pork just because you made it. It's against their beliefs, it's nothing personal, they have no place to be offended.

  pinkdottedbow  |  0

134, it's not the same situation. While all (or nearly all) Orthodox Jews do not eat pork, being a vegan or vegetarian is a choice (and in my opinion, an extremely inconvenient one).

  veritas007  |  0

Perhaps OP wanted te eat it ande blame someone else. But it might also be that she attaches greater value to being polite and respectfull/ having a good relationship with her boyfriends mother. If being a vegan is more important and she caved to social pressure then that's weak.

  0___0  |  9

#163 Are you saying that religious traditions are more important than your own morals? I'm an atheist and a vegetarian, but being a vegetarian is just as important to me as a religion would be if I believed in one. People can choose to be Jewish too, and in my opinion it's inconvenient to put faith in a higher power. But I still respect people's choices and I don't get "offended" when my friend is fasting for her religion, just like I wouldn't get offended if my friend couldn't hang out with me because she had an even going on at her church. BOTH are a matter of choice, so you can't criticize one belief and allow the other just because it's a religious belief. Vegetarianism IS the closest thing I have to a religion. It's more than just a diet for most people.

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