By WishIWasAWriter - United Kingdom
Today, I bought a book by a #1 bestselling author, hoping it would distract me from having my manuscript rejected, as well as learn what made their book so successful. Now I realize I need to say stuff like, "I wish I had great boobs (hehe... boobs)" to get my works published. FML
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  Keyman1212  |  14

The line "to get my works published" was added to this FML almost immediately after it was posted, however, I commented when the FML ended at "(hehe boobs)"


I'm sorry but Harry Potter is far superior to Twilight. JK is actually a wonderful author, whereas Stephenie Meyer seems to think just because she owns a thesaurus, she too can be an author.

  stro88  |  6

121 good point always awesome to be an optimist. Just talk about sex in your book always riles up the readers and you're guaranteed a number of audience.

  Daralea  |  21

abby, it saddens me to admit that the "adult" section of the bookstore is no better.
If I see my sister read another one of those 'shopaholic' or 'something blue' books I'm going to shoot an arrow right though it.

  moonballsFTW  |  0

Um, guys, she was quoting the book. " " that's what those things called quotation marks tend to symbolize. She was pissed cause something so shallow and retarded could get published and be a too seller. While her manuscript was rejected..

  apndi  |  9

Ooh I thought it was House of Night. That sentence sounded familiar.
But yeah, House of Night is actually pretty good. Much better than Twilight, anyway.


Anything is a better read than Twilight. But as a fire starter, nothing burns longer or brighter, except maybe Lord of the Rings and a couple of Stephen King titles (Stephen King is great, but "Needful Things" and "Dreamcatcher" had a huge 400 page buildup for an awesome climax, then it just flatlined.)

  kira1366  |  0

It was the first book (MARKED), when Zoey first entered the house of night. She was talking about Nefert's "great boobs" and how she wanted them.

  EnEl_Infierno  |  15

#100 #110 Alot of you missed alot when the fml was posted, it was actually edited right after it was posted because apparently nobody was getting it, keyman was one of several, and apparently some were still grasping as to what the op was even after several others and myself explained it. for example read comment 16 and his replys, and even now some still don't get it.