By Anonymous - 25/02/2010 16:28 - United States

Today, I was driving with my mom. She had some soda with her from earlier, and even though it was probably warm, I was thirsty. I ask for a sip, she hands it to me and says sure. And I get a mouthful of ash-and-cigarette-butt-filled soda. Apparently she didn't feel the need to mention this to me. FML
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I would have spit it in her face.

sounds like a great mom...


sounds like a great mom...

Op your dumb for not realizing that.....

*you're dumb

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another person that feels the need to correct somebody... anyways that's funny

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You should have spit it in her face

No, I was just saying that if you're going to call someone else stupid, then you should at least show that you aren't yourself. That's why I put "*you're dumb" as opposed to simply "*you're."

It was probably an oversight. I almost did this same type of thing to myself today. She likely forgot.

Could be, ImaginaryFoe. Sorry, trysta, if this is the case. I still don't think she had any right to call the OP dumb for not realising.

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^ she's hot. XD I like her hair. and OP that's horrible. ydi for not making ure mom quit smoking. fyl but get her to stop smoking

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YDI for being thirsty and not realizing the difference between the weight of actual soda and ashes, cigarets.

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I would have poured it on her head....

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*realizing. oh, the irony [:

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^ was directed @ 56.

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@86 I'm pretty sure we spell realising with the s in Britain. I could be wrong though.

It is spelled that way in Britain. That's a common mistake, though. I know, I know, I don't live in Britain. My grammar and spelling books were all British back when I was homeschooled.

how could she realize that if there was a lid ontop? see u got to think of all the possibilities man!

pour it in her lap

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#62's pic gave me wood

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[morality mode on] @131 wtf?? she was born in 1992; unless you're a minor too... enough said. And why didn't anyone moderate his comment?? tsk tsk... [/morality]

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i didn't realize that @ #90. my apologies; i fail.

@ 140. Good job being the bigger person and actually apologizing.


that's when u play it of cool and tell her to take a drink

I would have spit it in her face.

That's why social services took you away a long time ago.

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Your mom is awesome :D

Uhhh how is that awesome?!?!?

you mom is a bitch. sorry


The same thing happened to my brother! He was two though...

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she proboly forget.

She probably forgot. Or maybe she just doesn't like you that much.

That's like... gay

I doubt very much the taste of cigarette ash and soda is like a gay experince .... I could be wrong though, haven't done either.

You didn't know??? You're missing out! Come over to my place, I'll show you ;)

Mmm, I do love pineapples though...

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pineapple express

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flash backs of little Nicky and Hitler!!

Oh come on pendatic, you know you want to come too.

It's not as fun with the baby ones.. aren't you man enough to take the king-sized ones??

NO! I'll serve wine...

Hey man, what the hell?! I waited and waited all weekend but you never showed! I had to diddle those pineapples all by myself.

youch, well did you forget her birthday or something ?