By stephiexbabexx - United States
Today, I was with my friends at Burger King. While we were eating, I placed my cellphone on the tray, not realising that I'd left it there until after I emptied my tray into the bin. When I got it out of the trash, it was covered in soggy, sticky garbage. FML
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  israelnotjacob  |  20

Yeah exactly. Sure it's gross, but most people have to do that in some way. This site is supposed to be for embarrassing and sucky situations that don't happen everyday. Someone having to fish something out of the trash is an everyday occurrence.

By  jennay8288  |  1

Sucks...but you should always do the "tap" before throwing something like that away. (Check pockets for wallet/phone/etc). But you live, you learn, not really an FML..

By  dspadres  |  0

Well thats what you get for whipping out your phone because one of your friends did and having this strong need to keep your phones sitting out in the open to show them off or to pretend you have something important to text to someone at all times.