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Today, I went to my dad's house for Christmas. Soon enough, my grandma had commented on how much weight I've gained, my aunt asked me why I'm still single, and my dad joined in by reminding me that I still haven't been accepted into college. Only three more days to go. FML
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families really are delightful aren't they? Don't mind them OP I'm sure they're just old and bitter because Santa doesn't visit them anymore!

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What would a holiday be without a dysfunctional family putting you down <3


families really are delightful aren't they? Don't mind them OP I'm sure they're just old and bitter because Santa doesn't visit them anymore!

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I'm not sure how hard it is to get accepted into a college where you're from... But here in Canada if you weren't a drunken ass hat all high school they usually just ask for you to have your grade 12 diploma. I get it can be hard to get a job and go to college and keep a relationship through it all but I mean.. If you're out of high school you should probably at least have a job (making an assumption here, through the families worries)

Being single isn't the issue. But no, not everyone gains weight during the holidays. I don't. I train everyday and use self control to watch what I eat and everyone is capable of that. Getting into college isn't that hard either and if you think of the time of year it sounds like OP has gone an entire semester of doing nothing. I keep getting down votes but that just makes me think there are way too many people here that are whimps. The kind of people that say "everyone should get a medal". No. OP if you want to get into college and lose weight your going to need supportive people around you and it sounds like you have them. Be happy and don't listen to these losers tell you that they are just mean. BE THE BEST YOU CAN BE. We know you can. Go to college!!!

JesterJosh, I upvoted both your comments. I agree with you.

How is criticism support? Why couldn't grandma start with op's nice hair or new coat or something. Commenting on weight, which op is probably already sensitive about, is not support. And it sounds like op is trying their best to get into college.

Totally agree and upvote. Honestly? You can't get into college? Wtf? My college accepts literally 99.7% of applicants (I even double checked). In 7 years (Undergraduate in a language 4 years+Masters degree in a different subject (Business-related) I'm only 40k in debt. I now have a job starting out at the largest partnership in my related industry (Non-disclosed for privacy). There really is 0 excuse for not getting into college. There are colleges that accept literally everyone that didn't fail out of high school, and 90% of the time, a decent major+decent grades (I only got a 3.1 undergrad..) will still lead to a good job (assuming you don't study something useless, like psychology). Really, your family is concerned. Probably because you are a whiny prat instead of trying to get your shit together. My friend lost 250 pounds. Know how? He called himself a fatass once he realized he needed to get healthy, and started going to the gym and training. Worked out 4-5 days a week. And being single? Well that comes pretty quickly with being fat and not in college in your early twenties/late teens.

#49, You sir are amazing. I agree every bit.

It always seems to be the family that's the meanest. D:

Families tell things like they are. OP got fat and needs to get in school and maybe work on her love life. Nothing wrong with those things. I didn't realize you all were such big babies. Grow up, that's how life is.

34 well said! People are wayy to sensitive these days.

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What would a holiday be without a dysfunctional family putting you down <3

I don't see any of those 3 things as flaws. A little weight doesn't mean you're not still drop dead gorgeous. Lack of college means... Hey, no student loans, and you're probably still incredibly smart and ambitious. And single means you can ask me to dinner. :)

You don't know whether OP is male or female though.

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Don't know about you but fat and uneducated people keep me flaccid.

You're single? Didn't your boyfriend just fly up from South Carolina to meet you?

thats pretty much every asian family (at least mine do)

On the bright side no ones needed stitches. Come visit my family this time of year. Irish Catholics and Mexican Catholics, rugby fans and football fans, and grandmothers who aren't afraid to use butchers knives to settle a cooking dispute. All in all just be glad your family is semi normal and isn't on the brink of racial warfare.

jee, I'll be hearing this in a few hours from now