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  Tripartita  |  44

Exactly, Lalala. #2 is from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, a movie in which you can pay to have memories removed.

Occasionally, FML's DNS redirects to the multiverse, and we get comments from fictional characters.

  igottapee  |  27

where I live there are no decorations and no Xmas music being played in stores. it is very easy to forget about it and I almost did too. this year nobody seems to be in the Christmas spirit

By  Setareh23  |  34

It seems unlikely they'd miss all the music, decorative displays, greeting cards...Isn't it possible they're just messing with you?

In any case, even if celebrating Christmas isn't an obligation, you were probably really looking forwards to it. Since there's still 3 days, hopefully you'll all have the time to prepare a nice meal and have some fun together as a family, even if there aren't any gifts prepared. Disappointed hopes suck, but give it a bit of time and it'll become one of those funny memories.

  Tsumetai_  |  11

maybe they do have gifts and a tree & all the decorations etc
and just forgot how soon christmas was sneaking up.
they could've remembered christmas was soon in like a week and just lost track of the days.

By  mariri9206  |  32

Maybe they're only acting like they forgot so you'll be surprised when Santa brings you presents. lol