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  22cute  |  17

OP just leave her alone. Obviously, there's something she likes about it. Give her the chance to make her own decisions & she'll eventually start to make better ones. Why do parents think they have to control everything their kid does??
And why would you even care about this?
Cutting, bulimia and the like are how kids exert control over their own lives these days. Stop while you're ahead.

  tona01  |  16

25 shut up! That is not controling, OP is just trying to get her daughter out of her idiocy, which apparently you have too.
If trying to teach something to your son/daughter is controlling, then it would be easier to just release them in the woods wouldn't it.
And the fact that you are 10 about to turn 11 ( yes i took a look at your profile) makes your comment invalid

By  Ugi  |  26

Halogen lamps produce quite a lot of UV, especially if it's one with a bare "capsule" bulb, so if it's a halogen desk lamp then it might give her a tan!

People here seem so dogmatic - sometimes there are other reasons beyond people being stupid.