By Anonymous - 20/09/2011 07:24 - Canada

Today, I walked in on my daughter trying to tan herself with her regular desk lamp. She won't believe that it wouldn't give her a tan. She's 16 years old. This isn't the first time this has happened. FML
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Well, she's not the brightest bulb in the box.

mistersheezy 7

I would love to know how long these "tanning" sessions last.


Shadow_Phantom 26

You probably need to reinforce the idea into her head a bit more. FYL.

No, but she can get some nice burns from the bulb if she touches it... Let her learn from her mistakes OP.

I think the live span of the bulb isn't long enough to give her a tan

She needs to get out of the house more often. And to learn some general science...

fthislyfe 22

Well, let her do it. It's less harmful than ultra violet beams causing a tan.

Congrats you raised an idiot

monkeys1315 0

Maybe get her a tanning bed membership for her bday :)

BelleElle_fml 5

If she thinks regular desk lamps can give you a tan, then she probably also believes that rubber gloves are suitable protection.

No, normal light bulbs don't give out ultraviolet rays which is what you need to tan

In this extreme cases you should beat the reality into her with the lamp

She's not so bright is she?

enonymous 8

Ahh ****... I got a florescent light burn

A wonderful example of good parenting

A wonderful example of you can't fix stupid.

A wonderful example of how people are saying, 'a wonderful example'.

mistersheezy 7

I would love to know how long these "tanning" sessions last.

I think it would be more effective for her to place the lamp on her body, or perhaps the bulb left lighted for hours.

Bbhd05 0

This FML is reasonable if she's mentally handicapped.

BellaBelle_fml 23

13-That was just as dumb as the OP's daughter.

And if she's not!?

That is hilarious. But it's better for her than a solarium

CantusVulpis 12

We used to have a dog just like that!

Well, she's not the brightest bulb in the box.

That was a 'light'hearted comment.

this is either a parenting fail or your daughter is really retarded.

22cute 17

OP just leave her alone. Obviously, there's something she likes about it. Give her the chance to make her own decisions & she'll eventually start to make better ones. Why do parents think they have to control everything their kid does?? And why would you even care about this? Cutting, bulimia and the like are how kids exert control over their own lives these days. Stop while you're ahead.

what the ****? bulimia is a disease, and cutting is a sign of depression. and this isnt controlling, its teaching. light bulbs cant tan. ever. physically impossible. shame about that idiocy, OP. and 25's parents.

babycakess10 0

okay doctor phill...

36 - It says that you're 16, but you really look like 36 years old.

So you are saying that you want kids to hurt themselves and be dumb and create chaos. Lets see how your kids turn out eh?

25 shut up! That is not controling, OP is just trying to get her daughter out of her idiocy, which apparently you have too. If trying to teach something to your son/daughter is controlling, then it would be easier to just release them in the woods wouldn't it. And the fact that you are 10 about to turn 11 ( yes i took a look at your profile) makes your comment invalid

Daughter is RETARDED LOL!!

Halogen lamps produce quite a lot of UV, especially if it's one with a bare "capsule" bulb, so if it's a halogen desk lamp then it might give her a tan! People here seem so dogmatic - sometimes there are other reasons beyond people being stupid.

perdix 29

Considering how bad UV rays are for your skin, you ought to support her efforts to waste her time with this harmless routine.

Bring her to a spray tan shop and get it over with

Seems she doesn't have any bright ideas.