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  Ahlph  |  0

I could Jerry-Rig a towel heater but then I would never get to have the pleasure of showing awed house guests this complex contraption in the bathroom. Classy.

By  Carpy  |  8

Gotta start somewhere in life. At least it's a goal. Some people have no goals at all & could give a shit about what happens to them. So good start anyway.

By  fatalkiss  |  0

I didn't even know about those till this FML... It's pretty self-explanatory & sounds dumb. Aren't you already warm after a shower/bath? If not, put on a robe.


Those robes are not comfortable though. Not to mention you'll be wearing a wet robe which will make you cold after a few minutes anyway. Luckily for me our dryer is on the other side of the bathroom door so I can just throw our towels in there when we shower :) I hate being cold after a shower so I too want a towel heater one day after we move v

By  Alleged_Cranium  |  7

Just buy an electric oil space heater, the kind that stands about 2 feet tall. Plug it into an electric timer. You lay your towel on it at night and it can heat the towel before you wake up. It's a lot cheaper than a towel warmer.


towel racks/rods are classy....?
I mean...really
it's either wood, plastic or silver/gold plated
aluminum bar you drape a towel over
even the heated racks are just a free standing set of bars with a cord sticking out..

if there's a 'classy' towel rack I love to have it
it would match my classy toilet and shower mat...
maybe it would even match my classy garbage pail...