By Anonymous - Japan
Today, I was riding the subway to work. Barely anyone was on because of how early it was. Me and this one guy in a trench coat were in the same cart. His stop came. He walked by me, flashed me, rubbed his penis on my arm, and then ran away really fast. FML
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  humorizer  |  14

Lol @ 51's irony. Also, good pun with the Subway. At least you didn't have to pay $5 for the footlong, you got it for free.

I just hope they didn't get any mayo on you (ok, that may be taking it too far...).

Anyhow, in Japan this isn't really an FML. Getting groped/flashed in Japanese subway is just as common as getting mugged/pickpocketed in NY.


Dude, even if it's new york city I've been on completely empty trains before whether it was because it was super late/early or it was the weekend at an odd time at the very beginning of the line.

  sarcasm_ftw  |  0

it's so common for things like this to happen in japan that they have a word for it, it's chikan i believe, they also have signs for subways where only ladies can board onto the train to prevent it from happening.

  zoephan  |  0

Totally fake. I lived in Japan for 9 years and I know there is no such thing as empty train. They're not 24hours like NYC. Trains run from early morning to little after midnight so there always people.
BTW, shinkansen is like riding airplane but more comfortable. You check in and get boarding pass and it has prearranged seating..etc. Only local trains (subways) are the ones that are packed.

  shadow455  |  2

iv been to japan and iv actually seen womens only carrages on the trains but when i went the trains were all packed if OP is japanese she has good english skills to be able to type this out most of them cant speak english much

By  ihatestupidppl  |  0 God. I'm sorry! Being from New York City I've seen a LOT of WEIRD shit on the subway...but (knock on wood) no one's ever actually physically touched me (or anyone else I know)! That is horrifying, FYL indeed!

  humorizer  |  14

And everyone knows that it's disappointing when people STILL haven't figured out the difference between your and you're.

Your an idiot for not knowing you're differences between your and you're. Lulz. It feels so wrong typing that.

  kewlz323  |  0

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