By Manu - United States - Columbia
Today, I went to get my first manicure. While waiting, I looked at the menu board. When I wondered aloud: "I know what a French manicure is, but what on Earth is a Polish change?" The whole place started laughing and I guess I'm not going back. FML
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  cheshireau  |  26

How do I have up votes? I didn't read it properly. I thought it mean Polish change as in the nail enamel. Not that she said Polish change as in the country. I need down votes for stupidity, please.

By  Sagely  |  19

Context. You're in a nail salon so it really should have occured to you that it's "polish change" as in nail polish, not "Polish" as in Poland. Nonetheless it's not a big deal that warrants never coming back.

  Demon_of_Light  |  27

Another piece of context is that some other services are named for countries, ie. 'French' manicure. So it's really not so difficult to see why OP's mind went that way.