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Today, my husband and I had a huge fight; I asked him if he could spend a few nights with me instead of his PS5. We haven't had sex in 2 months because he is always playing the PS5 at night till late, and he wakes up late too. This means no opportunities to have sex at night, or the morning. FML
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What game, if it's better than sex the people deserve to know.


Of course! He and I have had numerous conversations about it beforehand. We came to an agreement that we both would wake each other up.

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What game, if it's better than sex the people deserve to know.

Sounds like it’s time to change the WIFI password (or hide the HDMI cable) If he’s legitimately choosing a game system over you, then you honestly need to remind him that you had already CHOSEN him (over every other man who hit up your DMS or new profile pictures) waaaaaayyyyyy before he “chose” to buy an expensive plastic covered metal toy. (Btw, I’m an avid and actively addicted gamer and I still manage to “service” my man almost daily, keep my 2 boys happy/well fed/fully exercised at the park, and I work 50+ hours a week at my labor intensive job.) If I can do all of this with severe early-onset degenerative disk disease (that includes 4 fully fractured ligaments in my spine. *****that refuse to heal after 8 years******) then that bitch-boy can Nut up, or shut up!!!! Personally, I think you should give him the “towel drop test” and if he fails then kick his ass to the curb

Or OP could just sit down and actually have a conversation with her husband about how she's feeling and how she feels his gaming habits are interfering with their sex life. Perhaps they could even attend counselling and find the root cause of the issue. These types of scenarios don't usually start and end with gaming. There's typically something deeper going on. Adult problems require adult solutions. Also, OP isn't entitled to sex.

Passive aggressive or toxic behavior isn't going to help anything. A conversation in a level tone of voice is much more likely to be productive than making a scene and making him angry enough that he doesn't even want to see her, let alone sleep with her.

I’m so glad you can do all this daily. However, not everyone can. And she needs to have a real adult conversation with him first. Men and women are not sex machines. My depression meds utterly kill all my drive. So even if I didn’t have other hobbies, I wouldn’t be available to have sex every single day. If she married him and this is seriously an issue, several talks and therapy to discuss their issues would clearly be a better next step.

Being a hardcore gamer myself, I can say that, some of us gamers need to learn our priorities, specially if you have a family, significant other or kids...with that said, night time should not be the only time you choose for intimacy. Most instances involve the non-gamer waiting for the exact moment when the gamer is at their hobby to demand attention (seemingly not your case) which is a form of toxicity. Try being intimate during other times of the day...or ultimately, the gamer may find you finding intimacy with someone else!

use a really small taser on his game near the plug. no evidence. but I do like the game girls comment. she loves the game yet can care for her family also.

Sex is boring. Gaming is way more fun.