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By  shmangled  |  0

Tell her, if you had a nickel for each time you have blown your load while thinking of some random hot chick you passed in the street that day, you would be a millionair ;)

By  Linkshot  |  0

Ouch. I'm, well, a virgin, but I know what some women like.

Anyway, try to get her to be more truthful about her reactions. She just had an outburst then; faking shows that she cares about your feelings. I think the worst thing a guy can do is flat out ask their spouse what they've been doing wrong, but I'm not sure. I'd save it as a last resort.

Hope things turn out better in the future. Remember to put her needs before yours!

  HanBroman  |  20

No actually the worst thing he can do is have sex with her for years and NOT find out if she's enjoying it. I don't see how it wouldn't come up, unless he is totally oblivious and stupid. or she's a bitch for faking it and lying when he asked her for constructive criticism.

By  HyperFlirt  |  0

WTF, this situation does not deserve a divorce!

Just talk to her about it, and try and learn what she likes. It could be very exciting and brighten up your sex life :D

By  Kurlzz  |  0

That sucks, but its not your fault. Its really difficult to get some women to orgasm. This is pretty good for you guys though... spices things up. :D Ask her exactly what she wants, seeing as how she hasnt TOLD you for 16 years...

By  texxxasissouth  |  0 is all about communication and the wonderful journey you have with your partner. Your wife made an insensitive comment that probably hurt more than it helped. I would say marriage counseling.