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Today, my girlfriend asked me to get her new clothes. She's gone from a size 4 to a size 12 during our relationship. FML
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@OP You shouldn't expect your SO to put in any more effort than you do. If you're chunky too then you're just as much at fault. @18 That makes him a borderline hypocrite. If he's going to complain about it he could at least buy healthy food for you and possibly work out with you.


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What the hell Just because she gained some weight dose not mean she's not worthy of him or any one

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size four isn't anorexic... being healthy isn't a bad thing and I'd appreciate you not insulting people with different weight.

I'm a size for and that's RECOVERING from anorexia, thanks asshole.


Size twelve is normal....... considering that a lot of Americans are overweight lol

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Would you be happy if you had a boyfriend and his penis size shrank from 7 inches to 3 inches?

Any drastic weight change in a small amount of time is definitely not normal or healthy. And size 12 is a bit over weight just because the average American size tends to be higher doesn't mean that the definition of overweight changes as well. Such a large change in body size could be a sign of current or lead up to future health issues.

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I'm size 0 but I'm not anorexic.....

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You must be ignorant an pathetic to think size 4 is anorexic. I'm size 2 and perfectly healthy. Some people gain weight easily and some just have a fast metabolism, get over yourself.

Being size 12 doesn't mean a person is overweight. I'm 5'9" and a size 12. That doesn't make me overweight, does it?

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im size a twelve and im really.sensitive about my weight so i don't appreciate your comment ^ and no not everyone is shallow just because you are doesn't mean everyone is

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Size 4 is not anorexic I'm a double 00, but I'm only 5 feet tall and only 14 years old. So, you need to seriously chill because going up 8 sizes is not health even if 12 is normal. Just because OP is complaining about his girlfriend's weight doesn't mean he doesn't love her. Can you honest say there is nothing that bugs you about you're partner (or past partners)? You need to back off 15.

Everybody brings looks into consideration. If you say you don't, you're lying. Of course, they aren't everything, but they do matter.

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Hey now, I wear a 2 and I don't look anorexic. An 8 size increase in pants size is quite extreme.

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I agree...this is mean! FHL for dating someone who's complaining on a public website for the sole purpose of making fun of her. ugh

Are we talking about American sizes or English sizes? In England size 12 is slim and size 4 is practically unheard of so it depends

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im going with comment 13. my boyfriend has complained ive gained weight not fat but chubby but he never wants to go out with me. he also wants to eat fast food and constantly buying me choclate and sodas when i ask him not too.

@OP You shouldn't expect your SO to put in any more effort than you do. If you're chunky too then you're just as much at fault. @18 That makes him a borderline hypocrite. If he's going to complain about it he could at least buy healthy food for you and possibly work out with you.

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I'm a 3/4 and I'm farrr from anorexic.. That's just rude. Not that there's anything wrong with being a 12 but to go from a 4 to a 12 is a big change.

How do you think comments like yours make people feel when they are naturally thin and a size 4? There are people like that you know, who are perfectly healthy but just happen to be very small. There are also people who eat right and work very hard to be small, and there's nothing anorexic about them. Calling everyone who's a size smaller than 12 anorexic is mean and petty, not to mention completely untrue. It's just as offensive as calling someone who's a size 12 fat.

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yea, and you wanna talk about being rude, there's nothing wrong with a size can't get mad at someone for saying a size 12 is fat and then go say that a size 4 is anorexic.

i think that mabye people should just accept people for who they are - if your girlfriend is happy with her weight then good for her, if she isn't you should support her. Same goes for everyone - size twelve is normal for some people just as size 4 is normal for others. and why should it matter how much you weigh as long as you are happy with yourself then there is no problem !. :) (sorry if there are spelling/ grammar mistakes)

/size 0-4 depending on brand and not anorexic

4 IS NOT ANOREXIC! Makes me so mad reading comments like yours. ''thin'' does not equal anorexic or bulimic or any other eating disorder. It can just be thin. I'm a size 4 and at a normal weight for my height and it's comments like yours that had me crying myself to sleep when I was thinner and underweight (not anorexic nimrod) and enrage me when I hear them now.

There are plenty of size 4s who -aren't- anorexic...but that's besides the point >_>. Either extreme is no good, obviously.. @14 - Sure it is. But I do know firsthand of guys that take their girlfriends out to fast food places all the time, and constantly buy chips/chocolates for them :P. Its a bit hypocritical if they're the ones concerned about their girlfriend's weights.

#2: **** that. That time spent in the bedroom can be a hell of a lot more exercise than sleeping. #13, #the-rest-of-you... any drastic change in weight is extremely unhealthy. size 4-12 is crazy. there is something going on. medication, inactivity on both parts, or just plain laziness, it needs to be corrected. #31. damn straight. the girl pays for her own clothes unless you request something or decide to give her a gift. get to the gym with her, or roll her down a hill. first option will help, second would be entertaining.

I thought he meant he bought her size 4 clothing and it doesn't fit... >.> You know thinking she was that size, making him not an ass hole... Was I wrong?

Man, I've been there. It will never go back to normal. You may want to cut and run now. My ex did the same thing and no diet or any kind of exercise worked. She just got bigger.

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