By Bawsack - 06/04/2017 00:00

Today, I dyed my hair. It was all going well, until I forgot I had a head full of product and scratched an itch. I didn't realise my mistake until later, and now have to replace my six-month old sofa because it has a huge stain that alternates from purple to bleach. FML
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Verria Nichole 3

I'm not sure how scratching an itch stains a sofa doe.

CassyM 6

Ohhh wow. Sitting on a sofa instead of another less-expensive surface was a really bad idea. That sucks.


Verria Nichole 3

I'm not sure how scratching an itch stains a sofa doe.

foxlover1621 6

i think because you have to let it set in that they went to scratch while the product was still in that's it kind of just almost spread onto a couch

Verria Nichole 3

Aha. I assumed tgat the head was scratched directly after the product was applied. Good reminder to look at those hands.

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Verria Nichole 3

Thank you, Captain Obvious.

HanBanana15 9

I've actually almost done this before. I scratched an itch, and caught myself before I almost set my hand back down beside me on the couch. It's really not that hard to forget you have hairdye on your head, especially if you're new at it.

mariri9206 32

HanBanana15, even when I was a n00b at coloring my hair, I never forgot that I had hair color - please, let's call it what it really is and not product - on. It's not as easy to forget about as your suggesting. I'm always aware that I have color on my head when I'm coloring my hair. I also never sit on my couch unless I'm wearing one of those plastic shower caps. And, even then, I don't lean back on my couch.

CassyM 6

Ohhh wow. Sitting on a sofa instead of another less-expensive surface was a really bad idea. That sucks.

ViviMage 38

Why not buy a sofa cover instead?

That's actually a pretty good idea...

If it's only 6 months old, flip the cushions :D there shouldn't be stains on the other side already.. haha but in all seriousness, that sucks, op.

Try a sharpie with a close color or just buy a slip cover. No need to get a whole new one. Could also hide it with pillows or throws. Reupholstry is also an option or covering it in lace or something.

mariri9206 32

How do you mess up that badly?!

Just get a couch cover

The next time you dye your hair, try wrapping or covering it with a shower cap, plastic wrap, or shopping bag. (Not over the whole head, obviously. Don't die.) This stopped me from absentmindedly getting a handful of dye on countless occasions!

Thanks for the suggestions guys! Just want to clarify a few points: I dye my hair every six weeks, and have for years. Never had a mishap before. I always use the same non - drip colour, pin my hair up onto my head with a bulldog clip and cover with an old towel until it sets. This time, I was tired, forgot what I was doing, scratched an itch and put my hand on the sofa beside me. I ended up with three dark purple (almost black) finger marks on my deep red leather sofa. My alarm then went off, so I ran upstairs to wash off the colour - still having not noticed. It must have been 60-90 minutes later before I came downstairs and noticed my mistake. I figured baby wipes are excellent for removing hairdye from skin, the sink and the bath, so tried that first; but the only thing that achieved was soapy detergent residue and the stain being spread. I then tried the leather cleaner that came with the sofa. Obviously that didn't work either so I tried bleach wipes. They started to remove the marks, but also the red colour from the leather; so obviously I stopped what I was doing and called the company for advice - just waiting on them to get back to me. Also worth adding, the cushions don't remove so I can't flip them and the sofa was custom made so I can't put a cover over it. I have currently hid the stain with a blanket so my parents don't come in and judge.

Don't know about getting the red color back, but did you try hairspray?

i do my hair pink all the time *currently sitting outside with color on* ive ruined towels and pillows with my hair either from color bleed or mishaps dont feel bad its only a couch and at least your hair turned out