By Anonymous - 23/01/2014 03:42 - Australia - Wheelers Hill

Today, I decided to dye my hair blue. The result is slightly different than I expected: my white bathroom is now blue, and so are my skin and nails. The only thing that isn't blue is my hair, which is now green. FML
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People are going to think you murdered a smurf in there.

Lasagnaa 24

It must have been a horrible job if your bathroom is blue. sorry OP


Lasagnaa 24

It must have been a horrible job if your bathroom is blue. sorry OP

It ain't easy being green

A wild Ivysaur appears.


jazzy_123 20

39, I don't remember much about pokemons but if I do recall correctly, charmander isn't blue... right guys? help me out here.

No, but Charmander is the best starter Pokemon for taking out an Ivysaur, so it would make sense to call upon it to deal with one.

96 - if you don't know much about Pokemon then why comment on it? You just sound like a twat now. Charmander should use flamethrower on you.

Da Ba De Da Ba Di....

I'm blue. Da Ba De Da Ba Di. (skipping to the end). I'm blue, if I were green I'd die. xD (I'm blue by eiffel 65).

jazzy_123 20

101, thanks! I thought he said it cuz the blue hair and such lol it's been years since I was last into pokemon x) 104, I comment on it because I can. I comment on it because I misunderstood. However, you don't have to be an asswipe and call me a twat. If anything, charmander should blow fire up your ass to cool it down a bit.

deviking 10

I'm charmanders fire would do the opposite and heat his as up I think squirrel night work better.

You're right. Sorry for my abuse Jazzy. I get real serious when it comes to Pokemon. Not really. But I guess we're even now in the name calling department?

104-Charmander doesnt learn flamethrower untill level 37, a fully evolved charizard.

jazzy_123 20

apology accepted. Thank you!

How did you manage to do that?

Maybe OP had yellow hair before. Blue + Yellow = Green!!

that's what I'm wondering

Maybe she didn't cover things up as well as she should have. I did that once and I can promise that will never happen again! I learned real quick that red hair dye stains EVERYTHING.

And it fades really fast. Years of experience have taught me that.

Yeah which is really unfortunate, I love my red hair.

Simply: the op didn't wore any gloves or covered the bathroom floor/sink with something, and has had blonde hair before so the shade will turn green. Speaking from my own experiences ;)

Thanks, I don't have a lot of experience with dying hair, sounds hard :p

cryssycakesx3 22

actually, it sounds like it wasn't left on long enough or she used the wrong thing to wash it out -- extremely hot water, harsh shampoo, ect. speaking from a cosmo license.

Green is nice. Don't tell anyone what your original intention was and everything will be fine. Maybe except for your bathroom.

Not all shades of green are nice...

JMichael 25

Neither are all shades of gray..

50 shades is all you need of the colour grey, not even 51 or 49.

finalyearsofhate 22

Hair dye like that usually comes out with a bit of bleach and some elbow grease.

\ 28

Or maybe OP's name is secretly Violet Beauregarde.

Or Captain Planet. Blue skin, green hair...

People are going to think you murdered a smurf in there.

Well one smurf berry does give quite a lot of energy. (Hoping people get the reference)

SuckMeBeautifu1 24

@69 South Park :) That bitch Wendy...

Come on, I am sure we have all watched enough of Dexter to know how to proceed before murdering a smurf.

I have blue hair myself and I can confirm that the first time I took a shower after dying my hair, I indeed thought I murdered a smurf..

They are called Na'vi nowadays.

So your hair is envious of the bathroom?

did you bleach it first??

redmane 21

OP most likely did. Lightened hair goes yellow. When you put yellow and blue together you get green. OP needed to then put a purple toner on her hair to counteract the yellow to make a white/light blonde color, then apply the blue. For bright colors like that, you have to be VERY conscious of the color wheel.

jazzy_123 20

actually no... OP just needs to let it settle then apply more blue. Bleaching the hair just lets the colors settle in better... I bleached the tips of my hair and had em blue. No need do any of that mixing colors fancy shit.

TawnyAnarchy 7

Actually #98, if you knew anything about beauty school besides just dying your own hair you would know what you said is wrong. She's right, you need to be conscious of the color wheel. Plus, with purple, it would've came out better.

#98, I don't know anything about beauty school or hair but common sense and a middle school education would've told you to add the opposite color, in this case purple, before proceeding. Though good for you thinking your experience outranks the proper procedure.

jazzy_123 20

well I guess since everyone's hair is different it makes sense haha. I have super thin hair so it makes sense to say I don't need a lot of product in mine. Sorry about that. And no I'm not into the whole hair-beauty-school thing. That's more of my cousin's thing so I'll ask her for help next time lol. I'm the nail tech in the family x)

Lasagnaa 24

Wow. you must hace messed up vadly if your bathroom is blue. But it could be a cute new look :)

You messed up 'vadly' too... With your spelling.

It's only a typo. Like you have never made one.

Rainhawk94 27

Maybe #7 is Dracula

You must have done something wrong. . :/

What a revelation!

Oh my god he is so right well hello mister obvious !

Hey, be nice! He could really be onto something... Lmao

Lasagnaa 24

when I dyed my hair blue it went swamp green, you just needed to bleach your hair before. don't worry its easy to fix, Brown goes well over it or if you still want blue hair bleach it away

If she has green hair, she'll need a red dye to cancel out the green. With a brown dye there would still be a green tint to it that gets worse with fading.

yeah it was a red based dye I used