By lauren - 21/06/2016 19:06 - United States - Saint Paul

Today, I was chaperoning for my 8-year-old sister's class in school. The bus ride was an hour long, so several people didn't make it to the bathroom in time. Unfortunately, one of them was me. FML
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I guess that bus isn't the only thing that's yellow.


I guess that bus isn't the only thing that's yellow.

I'm wondering how that's racist in any way

best i can think of is Asians but there no mention of an Asian anywhere

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I would just pretend I did it to make another kid feel better about peeing himself. Like in Billy Maddison.

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How embarrassing for your sister... and you too OP

That's too long to travel with children without a break!!! Shame on the school organization

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#12 my 2 year old can go longer without needing to pee... This fml is just pathetic.

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An hour is not too long. If you can hold your urine for however long you sleep, you can hold it for an hour. OP is pathetic.

An hour on the bus isn't bad at all for 8 year olds.

Right. An hour? Seriously? Were you not allowed to use a restroom during the entire trip?

It's ok to pee yourself. You can actually die if you hold your bladder for too long.

No, but I'm just trying to make the op feel better for peeing themselves. We all start off pissing ourself. We can piss ourselves laughing. It's not something that anyone should discriminate against or laugh at. I'm sure every single last one of us has pissed ourselves at least once.

I can go 9 hours without using the bathroom...

personally I can hold it for over 12 hours...sometimes 24...but I'm also often told I'm dehydrated

Always have a 44oz cup of water handy so you can pretend that's what spilled on your pants...

The pee on the bus goes down your pants, down your pants, down your pants...

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You couldn't figure out how long the bus ride was going to be and then pee before you left? It was only an hour long