By crutchy - 20/03/2011 15:03 - United States

Today, at the age of 16, I'm recovering from hip surgery. My friends took me out to the movies to cheer me up. They thought it would be hilarious to steal my crutches and leave me stranded and alone in the mall, multiple times. It wasn't. FML
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insertclevername_fml 0

If this doesnt scream "Get new friends," I don't know what does. FYL.

Agiggleaday 0

your friends are so inconsiderate.sorry.


Agiggleaday 0

your friends are so inconsiderate.sorry.

Is that like a new website?

it is a big deal! this is a humongous deal man!

dirtyblond 4

beat them up with your crutches once they bring them back>:)

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yougotapes 7

how so for horrible friends?

Hide_Yo_Kids 0

._. you look like an evil mouse

I'd get a wheelchair and stay in it the whole time.

swagchamp 0

49 Rhys horrible. but hilarious. I think she's hot

well, 46 is an "all round" person, so maybe she's just fat.

hahahaha... oh my. that's bot nicen

natas_fml 13

well, 68 is an ass-chinned chewy.

looks like youra cat!

and that is what happens when you put your picture up, people make fun of you :| The first couple times is funny as a joke but when they keep doing it - they are just jerks

BlackOpsPWNR 0

7, win

friends, riiiiight....

insertclevername_fml 0

If this doesnt scream "Get new friends," I don't know what does. FYL.

I totally agree. What a bunch of assholes.

xoxoMEGANxoxo 13

I agree with both of u

salsalover_12 5

@#66 Are you freakin stupid?! They left her stranded at a big place with no way to get around. I don't know what your definition of the word "friend" is but your self esteem must be really low if you're Ok with having inconsiderate friends 66 same goes for OP.

2, cannot agree more. 67, I believe he was being a troll....

If he's a troll he probably has low self esteem. OP, cut your friends off. They're jerkholes. Get better ones.

#67 you have a face of a saint. saint Bernard, that is.

#67 you have a face of a saint. saint Bernard, that is.

why such an asshole, 114?

sbharani96 4

seriously, what kind of friends do you have? that's bad... I'd rather be a loner than have bad friends.

brt3420 13

I know how op feels. in the past 3 years I've had two major hip operations one which has never yet even been performed in north America before. I know his pain of how annoying it is when people take your crutches people at school steal mine all the time.

I know how op and 69 feel. I had multiple surgeries and people stole my crutches all the time nor would they hold open a door for me

I wouldn't consider them as my "friends" I'm sorry though OP! It's time for you to find better friends.

persianjr1 7

true. maybe the first time was funny, but after that they are just jerks.

tacobird123 7

Woah, what a bunch of assholes! Let's see how they feel when you fuck them up with your crutches.

tacobird123 7


tacobird123 7


sandyyBabi 0

haha I totally agree

020266t 5

NICE #5!

schwebel 0

All you need is some roofies and a camera...the things you could do

clearly they are not very good friends at all... as sad as op's fml can sound, personal opinion, this would make me angry enough to know that true friends are not what they are, walk away and move on...

walk away... hehe cruel.

hahaaaaa, oops, didn't even think of that... my bad, no pun intended...

man that sucks. what kind of friends do you have? you should wait until one of them hurts themselves, then do the same thing to them.

Wow, WTF, your friends suck. I'm sorry OP.

cassidyreigns 0

That doesnt seem "friendly"

Ok you have got to get new friends.