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Today, I met my long distance girlfriend after two years of being separated by 900 miles. She brought her short distance boyfriend to the meeting. FML
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did she meet one in the middle on the way down aswell?


Not much of a relationship though. Excuse me tf it sounds me.

What happened to her middle distance boyfriend?

Well the girl is definitely not into her long term relationship.

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wow what a bitch!! break up with her for cheating

long distance relationships are stupid anyway. bl2u

You forgot to bring your short distance girlfriend to the meeting.

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Time to break someone's jaw. It's up to you to decide if you want to break his or hers.

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22- I can tell, you must be a model! If it is actually you in the pic, I would like to say you are gorgeous.

#15, it doesn't say how long the OP's girlfriend had been in the relationship with the short-distance guy. Maybe she considered them both "long term" but with different benefits.

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lmao 59 u mean "her body, more specifically, your boobs are gorgeous" right? because u can't even see all her face and i think we all know what everyone saw first. :P

I agree #1. For OP and his 'girlfriend', it's surely no longer a relationship. But not seeing each other for 2 years is crazy! You really thought she would try to keep the relationship with you? I don't blame her. I understand that it was over 900 miles but, maybe it would be best for both of you if you kept it short distance or broke up. I have a relative who had a girlfriend and she moved away to be with family. She wanted him to come with her but he couldn't leave family and neither could she. They broke up. But FYL OP, that's messed up. ): Sorry.

#65 Even so, she couldn't stay committed without interference from a real life partner. A long term relationship doesn't suit her then.

OH I see THAT is the real FML..."She brought her short distant boyfriend. I forgot my short distance girlfriend. FML" Yeah, that's pretty dumb....YDI for leaving her somewhere at a trainstation or wherever.

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poor OP/: time to find a new girlfriend!!:D try for someone a bit closer this time.

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Bitch. The second I saw the other guy and found out what he was there for, I would say this: "Grow up, good bye" then walk off. Not answering any calls or nothing.

22, you're actually a twelve year old horny school boy, right?

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awww I know how that feels... :(( fyl

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OP forgot to tell his ex girlfriend that he has been seeing her sister.

132 ahhh the mysteries of the internet.

she left the middle distance boyfriend for another man...she's a *****

actualy, time to break the distance.

did she meet one in the middle on the way down aswell?

Today, I went to a trip with my girlfriend of 1.9 years. There, I met her "long distance" boyfriend. FML

Why was my comment moderated? It was pertaining to the FML...

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awhh/: she's not smart.. find someone who's worth your trouble(:

Or someone that's not long distance and someone u can trust.

how did you get a double post replying to 2 different comments?

53- i don't kno... but u did it too o.O

WOAH PARADOX!! this is some inception shit right here

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awhh/: she's not smart.. find someone who's worth your trouble(:

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was your long distance girlfriend perhaps a forty year old guy?

what the hell is this comment suppose to mean

That they 'met' online and the 'girlfriend' was a lonely old man.. It's not hard to figure that out really..

how can you have a long distance relationship without seeing each other at all for 2 years?

1. If you're poor. 2. If you live REALLY far apart and decide to make do with phone/Internet/webcam for two years. 3. If you both have very demanding jobs and can't align your schedules for a meeting. 4. Etc. And who cares? Clearly their long-distance relationship wasn't a successful one due to her actions, but if both parties approach things the way OP in this case did, a relationship like that would most likely work out fine.

I agree with what you said but I dont understand how it would be worth it to try an be in that relationship unless you were already together and your partner had to go off to war. There's really no physical contact and you cant tell if they are being faithful like in this situation

I do agree that two years seems a bit excessive, but sometimes immigration issues take that long, for example, and in the meantime you live in different countries. If your view is that physical contact is more important than being in a relationship with that person for the long term, then you're right, it wouldn't be worth it. And lots of people cheat even in regular short-distance relationships; you just have to trust the person you love.

I have been in a long distance relationship for over 2 years. My man and I met, in person, 3 years before we started going out. before we were going out we became best freinds, and now we're more than that for each other. He moved away but we are still dating and plan to live with each other after high school. There is a saying: A'ohe loa i ka hana a ke aloha. this is Hawaiian for: Distance is ignored by love.

and my default above is at my 17th birthday party, he came to visit me. :D

If the person you're with is unfaithful, it doesn't matter how close or far you two are from each other.

Yeah that's what I meant earlier about having a close relationship 1st and staying together when something comes up like war or moving for a job, etc.

whether it's long distance or close relationships are hard and if you love eachother you'll make it work PS the broncos suck

Well damn, that was 2 years down the drain! :(

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as in met for the first time? was this an online based relationship?

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it's pathetic how he "met" his girlfriend wow people now of days are beyond stupid

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I know, I would never date someone unless i've actually met them. :I

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I was thinking that they were together and then one if them moved, since it says after being separated for two years.

no its saying 900 miles are between them

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yeah I wouldn't either but I guess it's the new thing to date a complete stranger -.-

I get the impression this was an online relationship.. 'I met my...' if it was a genuine long distance relationship 'I met up with' or 'I saw' would seem more appropriate to me. Sounds like the first time they met to me.

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hey always date a stranger. you never know the opposite person, they might be hiding a bunch of personal things.

164, she's still in school, she has yet to know anyone in the world besides class mates. in due time she will learn the precarious enactments of meeting outsiders on a personal level

so did you all sleep in the same room? cause that's just awkward o.O