By pale-suzie - 19/03/2014 12:28 - Denmark - Copenhagen

Today, I was fired over the phone, losing my only source of income. When asked if I was okay, I explained that although I understood why, I was a little peeved they'd chosen my birthday to deliver the message. My - now former - boss then sang "Happy Birthday" to me in its entirety. FML
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Not exactly what one would consider a great birthday present. You could always ask him to buy the drinks you're going to drown your sorrows in, as a proper gift.


Get a job, but seriously fyl op

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Hopefully soon they will make some sort of button for that.

It's not that easy to find a new job, you utter asshole.

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No 13, a "crap that was a dumb comment I seriously wish I had never said anything" button.

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"Happy birthday to you, Your boss was a jerk today to you, Now go find a new job, Happy birthday to you!"

I keep hearing how hard it is to find a job, but I haven't had any problems. I think people are being too picky. For a while I had to work for minimum wage, outside my field, but my bills got paid. There are plenty of jobs around here, more where I lived before I got married. People just have to be willing to work. And if jobs are so hard to find, why do people quit the ones they have for stupid reasons, like not liking their coworkers? Or get fired for things like stealing from the company or not showing up?

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everyone is different. My friends bf gets jobs so easily. They basically get thrown at him. I've known him for almost 2 years and he's had at least 3 different jobs already. My friend on the other hand, has had no luck haha.

43- I don't know how expensive your bills are, but between my boyfriend and I, we work 3 shitty minimum wage jobs and barely scrape by each month, so making assumptions that people are "too picky" isn't fair. It also depends on where you live, some places have more opportunities than others. Plus, she JUST got fired, it's not like she can just pull a new job out of her ass.

Some areas are filled with certain jobs, like minimum wage jobs, but lack a plethora of anything better. Some areas are saturated with higher paying jobs, but suffer from a lack of steady minimum wage jobs. Also there is the whole thing where if you never had a job before, some places refuse to hire those without experience. There is the whole gender thing too where you don't usually hire a gender for a particular job. I'm not arguing sexism there as much as gender norms and the fact that females don't on average tend to be muscle builders along with the fact that males on average don't want to sell make up and cook ware. Also take in to account that minimum wage isn't exactly meant to be lived on for a more than one person household with only one person working.

You're one of the lucky ones, 36, keep that in mind. It's not just finding a job-- it's finding a job that pays enough to live off of. Where I live, a minimum wage job won't cut the crazy-high price of living here. Forget it if you have a family to feed! It's not like you can move, because you don't have the money to. Maybe you can commute to where there are better paying jobs, but then you have gas to pay. There's a lot of things to consider when looking for a job, it's not necessarily just availability of employment.

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51, wait are you talking to me or 36?? lol

Oops, my reply was supposed to be at 36. I have no clue why I typed 43! Sorry :p

Oh, 63! If only there was a button for just that sentiment! If only…

1. I'm not supporting the "get a job" comment, I'm saying jobs aren't some mythical creature no one has ever found. 2. Since 1998, when I got my first job, I have lived in 7 different cities/towns of varying size (from pop. 3000 to Austin, TX) in 4 different states. The only time I was unemployed for over a month was after I married and we chose to have me stay home. 3. Living on minimum wage wasn't easy. I've done it twice. I didn't have cable/satellite or even TV (couldn't afford the digital adapter thing). I had no game system or computer and my phone wasn't smart. I walked to work to save gas in my crappy paid-for car. I ate one meal out per month with a $20 limit (including tip) and never saw a movie in a theater. I had friends over every week (byob) instead of going out. My clothes were from Walmart. But I had a cozy apartment with running water and food in the cabinets. I couldn't have supported anyone else, but it was enough for me.

My former boss changed my schedule and failed to notify me, and when I showed up the day I was supposed to work, he claimed I had quit because I didn't show up (I really wonder why). I didn't willingly quit, and I imagine that there are many other people who have "quit" like that. Around where I live, it's possible to find a job, but many bosses here only hire people they know. So of course, it'd be difficult for someone like me to find a job where I live.

Not exactly what one would consider a great birthday present. You could always ask him to buy the drinks you're going to drown your sorrows in, as a proper gift.

Hopefully, there's a little place in hell for douchebag bosses like that.

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Wow, sorry op.. :/ Good luck with finding another job.

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Wow your boss seems like a dick.

Happy birthday? Sorry your boss was such a jerk day? Uhhhhh but seriously fyl

"Your boss is a jerk day" should be an official holiday.

What about them nice bosses? SAID NOONE EVER

I know what you are going thru op, I lost my job on my birthday last year. it will be okay. keep your head up. Your former boss is an a$$hole for that though. Good luck.

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A hole filled with money? [sarcasm]

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my friends mom works at a Hong Kong restaurant and she said they needed 2 cashiers so my friend and I went and we were in "training" for two weeks. In the end they ended up ******* us over and got 2 Asian dudes to replace us and didn't even tell us! :( THAT was a dick move! I was so excited to have finally found a new job to help my parents with bills and they did that to us. Assholes! It was around my bday but luckily it didn't land ON it.

You understood why? Timing is always wrong. Fyl

I don't think company would check when your bday is when they fired you. If it is due to bad performance or any related issues it doesn't really matter what day it is. Sucks that it happened on your bday, not sure if the bday song was to make you feel better or just rubbing it in.

Maybe the company had financial issues?

"Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to..." *click* No need to listen to a former boss patronize you.

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Aw, that's harsh. Sorry to head that, OP!

No sensitivity or empathy from an employer. Shocking.

There's always a saying, "The bad doesn't go, how is the good gonna come?" Wish u the best. Your next job is definitely going to be great.

One day you'll be Happy you heard the news on your birthday because something better maybe on your way soon... Happy Birthday