By HellaBomber91 - 11/02/2010 20:15 - United States

Today, I went in to a job interview with 6 other girls my age. I tried to sit down on a chair exactly like the ones every other girl was sitting on. Then, one of the interviewers offered to get me a more "sturdy" chair. For the entire interview, I got to sit in the "fat girl chair". FML
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well, are you fatter?

better question: was the new chair more comfortable?


well, are you fatter?

better question: was the new chair more comfortable?

An even better question: Which bear is best?

hotscar 3

ok, WTF? why is your picture the soviet union flag?

the best question: will you make me a sandwich?

goo soviets lol

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The Office References FTW!!!

Lordlucian 0

YDI for bein a fatty >.<

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false, black bear.

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While some people are naturally big/big-boned, or even..ehh, curvy.. a healthy diet and lifestyle can maximize your life-span, and you will ultimately have a much happier life! Your self-esteem will be much higher. So, eat healthy and exercise appropriately, and the results will amaze you.

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Reminds me of human Tetris.

what kind of world do we live in where we celebrate communism like Che Cuba THE SOVIET UNION WTF!!!

that was directed at 83's comment

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soviet union is a bunch of marker sniffing mustard throwing butt munching dresser burning blanket swallowing hoe bags

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@29 damn your pic is hot and ya fml fatty it's called the gym

who the **** is Che Cuba?

it's called google:P

hotscar 3

i'm pretty sure that their government collapsed cuz communism doesn't work

hanes ^^^^????

you were the chosen one then

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#38=win hahaha :D

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Texas is gonna secede from the us to create the greatest country ever!!!!

Time for a new FML, FML.

29- you're really orange

lol that might be one of my favorite scenes. it was hilarious

Texas assholes... gotta love'em

that was directed @ Alexandria

#148, your name is anorexic barbie at 40 years old and your commenting about my tan? blackirish- hopefully you mean your first comment, I love the office!

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fact! black bears eat beats, black bears beats battle star galactica. hahah

better than breaking the other chairs ? I think yes

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if it offends you that you are fat quit bitching about it and exercise enough self restraint from cramming burgers down your throat

What does it matter?

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@alexandraa- Hey, I think your tan, however artificial it is, looks hot :DDD as for the fml, get a gym membership :P

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she's got more going for her than you ever will... :) op YDI for being fat, fat people cost tax payers billions of dollars

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**** fat chairs! I'm not fat and love fat chairs! **** salt!

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Ajjas013 6

If you don't like shoes then don't wear them.

AngryNinja 1

way to hurt the shoes' feelings. what did they ever do to you? shame!

Yesterday he got lost at KMart for two hours! They found him in the mouse trap section, he was starting to take his clothes off!!

Ajjas013 6

He probably got a trap caught on his-- What did shoes ever do to you?

#40 wins for the tourettes guy reference


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@ 2-Right?! Why why why do fat people come here to complain about things that happen because they're FAT? Damn, do something about it or shut up!

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haha niceeee(:

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it goes without saying that she didn't get the job

How does that go without saying? She's bigger then the others so she won't be offered the job?

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Fail at being 'first' xD

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Today I was interviewing some girls for a job opening when all of the sudden an elephant came in to apply, apparently someone told her the circus was in town look'n for new talent.

hardy harr harr 

hahahahha fatass

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op is a fatty fat fat fat mcfat ass

oops. xD sucks to be you.

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bet it was more comfortable though... or maybe made of solid steel... hmm...

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#9 your panda is worthy of a TV show, I want to watch a show of a panda who drives a go cart or car w/e

bastards. I'm sorry mama.

Point beeing