By boo - 27/05/2009 18:15 - United States

Today, I had a job interview. I had to drop my daughter off with my babysitter first. When I got to the interview, I got a weird look from the vice president of the company. I had lime green poop running down the side of my white blouse. FML
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...lime green poop? Is she radioactive or something? Or does she just eat too many popsicles?

Curtieeeez 0

Lime green? What the hell are you feeding your kid?


...lime green poop? Is she radioactive or something? Or does she just eat too many popsicles?

that's such a shitty situation op. *waits for thumbs down* *cries in corner*

Someone who yells "first" and another who says the shitty situation pun and doesn't get buried? Do my eyes deceive me?!

My old biology teacher said she fed her baby blue trix yogurt and it produced lime green poop. Maybe that's what happened here.

wow, that sucks 1s*gets shot* MMMMM

3- noooo, 3rd. dumbass

awww nasty... talk about a shit job

isthisonetaken 0

how would u not feel shit on your shirt? and im assuming since you were wearing a blouse that you are a woman. i dont know any woman that dont run into the bathroom and to look at themselves before going into such a meeting.

bloomgirlbec 6

Wow. Stereotypical much?

pfft no every woman always checks herself out in the mirror before doing absolutely anything duh OP- Lime green poop? You shouldn't be going to an interview, you should take that girl to the doctor... unless lime green is normal...?

Oh wow, I guess you were carrying your daughter there? You should get her checked by a doctor if it was actually "lime green".

you shoulda checked.

noordinarylove 0

Gross. But didn't you smell it? Baby poop radiates and permeates.

poolshark 0

Wow. That's shitty.

Lime green? I think you should be concerned about that...

rachilio 26

I'd be concerned

That's just a terrible day.