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Today, after much reflection, I realized my "happy childhood" was more like "the years I was oblivious to how much people despised me." FML
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Mathalamus 24

same here. now i assume that everyone outside of my friends and family really, really dislikes me. even then, im not quite sure. it has some precedent, too, with my lower than low social skills, my selfish nature, and how much of a jerkass my basic personality is.

NomeDMF 17

Then change yourself. Good on you for accepting your negative traits rather than simply denying them, but don't embrace them, because that only makes them worse. You should try to improve them and become the opposite, you'll see the wonders of how people flock to you afterwards.

Mathalamus 24

you cannot actually change your personality. i learned that unpleasant fact in janurary 2015. it was, well, deeply depressing. caused a shitload of trouble. all i can do is mask it out, which is A solution, but not the best. and its expensive, mentally and emotionally, so i use it sparingly. in addition, i truly believe its best to be yourself, positive and negative. to get rid of the negatives is becoming someone other than yourself, usually to appease other people. obviously, its not a good idea.

lolhailsatan 23

you seem to really like talking about yourself

Mathalamus 24

that's part of the self centered thing i mention in my profile. :P

On the bright side, you're deeply self aware!

tarlax 11

Seems like it's fashionable lately to portray yourself as an antisocial, rude, generally sociopathic person. People who do it seem to think it makes them look special or unique. It just makes them look like attention-seeking fools.

Mathalamus 24

fashionable...? i dont do it for fashion, i do it because its my basic personality. i have always been like this. you insult me by thinking that i do this just because it is "fashionable". in fact, it is fashionable to be *nice*, nowadays, not mean.

tarlax 11

Good lord, are you still whining?

tarlax 11

I just realized you're the same guy from yesterday who was whining about the "democratic process" because you got downvoted and how you're above all of it. Hahahaha, this is too good.

28, let's stop giving him reasons to keep tasting his own foot. He likes to hear himself talk.

Mathalamus 24

downvotes dont work, because none of you understand me, or bother trying, and i (sometimes) do not understand any of you. add in the fact that most of you are quite hostile to me, tends to justify my own points. good job breaking it.

32, none of understand you because this is not some Dr. Phil app where you work your problems out. This is FML. We enjoy reading others reason to say FML. You (from all your comments) take it as a ticket to express your life story, just stop man. Legit Just post a huge fml and get over yourself.

You're a narcissistic person. Go to therapy because it sounds like you didn't get enough attention as a child and somehow think you need/deserve it all as an adult.

You sound like my brother. My brother is a sack of shit. However, he won't admit his assholishness so you're a step ahead.

Exact same thing happened to me, I solved it by moving far away.

jazzybaby179 22

I'm sure that's how a lot of us thought our childhood was Op, keep your head up :)

you have to realize there's a problem to be able to fix it.

disasterlydeed 26

I know this feeling, sadly. Luckily I've long since moved on from most of the "friends" I've had in childhood and I'm doing much better's hoping it gets better for you soon! ❤️

FML voters like you, they approved your FML :')