By Jay - 06/05/2009 04:52 - United States

Today, my boss asked me to pick up some supplies for a presentation. I entered the store in the middle of an armed robbery, was knocked to the floor, and had my cash, phone and credit cards stolen. When I told my boss the story, she said, "So were you able to get the binder clips?" FML
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You can't blame him. Binder clips are magical

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Well... were you able to get the binder clips?


Your boss is such a douche. Sorry man.

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Well... were you able to get the binder clips?

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I understand that what happened was bad, but he wa joking. Chill your damn ****

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LOL!!!!!! that sucks!! wow, sounds like they really care about you. nope i guess just the binder clips. = ( glad ur ok!

Hey, at least your boss didn't fire you for failing to do the task. There are bosses out there who would.

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Wowww lmao this is a true "fml" So. . .did you get them ?

It sounds like he has a sense of humor. It clearly wasn't what you wanted to hear.

why was there an armed robbery at an office supply store anyways? haha.

office supply stpres usually sell electronics and accessories for computers like usbs memory cards and all that stuff that costs a lot

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@#10: Computers and other electronic items are perfect for fencing. Besides, it's a STORE; they have CASH....