By victimboi - / Friday 5 June 2009 19:07 / United Kingdom
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  ToastyXD  |  5

The OP is from the UK so notes over their doesn't mean notes like over here in Canada and USA. Notes are a form of currency for them in a paper form. He was probably going to go to go get a pound or quids.

  ReyEr9412  |  5

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  ToastyXD  |  5

OP is from UK.... Notes=currency... currency=money I'm not sure what type of notes he had though cause I'm not entirely sure what value of notes there are...

  lottiebearx  |  6

so you're saying give him a tenner for a £5 taxi journey? or a 50 quid note for a £20? i don't freakin think so, no taxi service is worth that much tip - especially since the fares are painfully expensive anyway.

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