By AnnoyedWoman - 17/08/2014 10:19 - United Kingdom - Southampton

Today, I went camping with my husband not too far from our house. We got our tent pitched up, stove ready and roll-out bed out. He then said, "I'm just gonna go for a walk." It had been about an hour before I decided to go find him. He had walked home to play CoD. FML
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VengeanceChicken 12

Perhaps he decided to camp in CoD rather than with you?

cod players hate campers


VengeanceChicken 12

Perhaps he decided to camp in CoD rather than with you?

pwnman 33

Even though I camp in CoD, I hate people who camp in CoD.

So you hate yourself? Got it

Perhaps, that was the camping he agreed to do.

Unless it was his idea, I'd not blame him. I mean really, who enjoys camping? Especially in the UK, its probably raining!!!

What is with men and video games?

#49 Same thing could be said about women loving shopping. It's fun

So, I got the best of both worlds. I'm a guy and I love to shop as well as play video games.

Kyle1dc 17

I love shopping for video games.

Well, he's full of games isn't he!

TheDevilWearsJoe 8

Next time, go somewhere isolated.

if that doesnt work, try chopping off his legs

Or next time hide the game council before leaving or hide the cords or controllers.

34 you monster...

Ahh peasantry... PCMR

well that escalated quickly

Thanks 44. 43 I am evil ^-^ But it gets shit done!

Ok 50, the ******* keyboard and mouse then

23lf 16

No! Do not attempt to hide the grand council of video games! Any man would find it.

cod players hate campers

Except of it's a mission of cod ^^

10th Prestige I believe ;)

RedPillSucks 31

I'm sure he got a veterans discount for all the camping equipment

i remember that fml!

Dodge4x4Ram 46

the struggle is real

Close enough to walk home and sleeping on a roll out bed? I'm not sure it was camping in the first place..

The whole point of camping is roughing it and getting away from home for awhile, OP. If you could walk home, it's safe to say you aren't exactly AWAY.

If you live in a heavily forested area, you can still be "roughing it" and be within hiking distance of home.

He probably went 26-0 so don't kill his vibe

Hey, he could've been cheating on you though, atleast it's only cod

Like being replaced by a video game is much better I suppose?

That really, really sounds like an addiction problem.

I agree, I'm addicted to GTA 5, but I would NEVER leave my wife during a camping trip to go play it. That's just ******* ridiculous and rude, in my opinion.

72 deserves a beer for that one, at least there are some good men still out there.