By Lavalise - 05/11/2011 07:11 - France

Today, on the subway, a woman got off without her suitcase. I grabbed the case, chased her onto the platform, and shouted, "You forgot your suitcase!" while the doors closed behind me. In actual fact, it wasn't her suitcase, and its actual owner was still on the train. FML
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I know she didn't, and I just wanted to piss of some people here.

Well you're just ******* all kinds of up tonight aren't you? If you're trying to troll, try not telling us next time? It makes you look even more pathetic than you are.

At least he corrected himself and said sorry to the grammar nazis. He knows who he shouldn't troll on.

OP is a genius. That's the best method for stealing someone's crap that I've ever heard.

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and the owner didnt say anything?

11 - Haha, why are you mad if I failed at tolling? :)

"Today, some asshole ran off the train with my suitcase, the doors closed behind him. FML"

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Lol what if it was full of $100 bills

Put it down and just walk away. Thats hilarious

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"Many assumptions this one makes...he cannot be trained." Apologies to Frank Oz.

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I see what you ******* did there

Shouldn't the last part read, trained he can not be? Just saying.

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Ha Jedi grammar Nazis for the win

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"You FORGET your suitcase"? Does that happen often?

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6 - You'll notice that OP is in France (as it clearly states at the top of the FML). That means the situation happened in French (more than likely). Hence, the OP made a little translation mistake with the past and present tense of a verb. :)

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I was thinking that too, since when I was learning to speak English, I didn't know the difference between forget and forgot for a while, so I used them interchangeably.

6 - the op never said forget your suitcase, forgot is the correct word for that situation.

And the actual owner didn't notice that his case was gone? In that case.. FYL OP. You at least tried to do something nice.

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They could have noticed and chose not to chase a possibly armed theif... or flat out psyco.

There is a certain elegance in minding your own business. Everyone does not need to save the world from itself. Savvy?

OP "grabbed" the suitcase and "chased" the woman. Chances are, the actual owner saw this and thought he was being robbed. Of course once the doors of the subway closed behind the OP he couldn't do a thing about it.

Return it to the owner and claim you found it, maybe you will get a reward?

OP was seen running out with it, I doubt that'll work

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Yea go up to him " hey i found your suitcase!" "where?" "right beside you, but ur lucky because i ran away with it and tried to give it to some lady!"

I'm going to try that next time I want to steal something. "Hey, hey ma'am! You forgot your wristwatch!"