By googlefreak54321 - 25/07/2011 06:05 - United States

Today, I went out to go meet up with a guy. I walked all the way to his house just to see him. Then he made me hide behind a bush till his girlfriend left. FML
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SarahMae2014 10

i would've walked right up and knocked on the door and whenever the dorr opened walk up to the other girl and say, "oh, you must be his cousin...i'm his girlfriend"


Fyl OP! That is so wrong! Rat him out to his gf haha.

girls really have a terrible eye for these sort of people. if she planned on dating him or what not.

je_suis_fml 11

YDI for hiding in the bush instead of taking your ass home. Smh

NastyNinja31 0

u should of jumped out and scared her while she was leaving

hoodasswhitekid 0

18- you look like shia lebouf,

Jammy01jams 2
SeedlessMe 13

Haha 39- I got a good mental picture of that. Great idea! Lmao right now.

juicedboi 7

He's a keeper! If you're into cheaters and whatnot. Although that is assuming your meeting with him was on sexual terms and not just friendly, in which case I would still ask, why did you actually wait in the bush?

iLOLatURpain69 7

In fact, if I jump outta bush a sneak attacks the only way I say I ambush!

MissBoo101 0

I would say screw the guy and come out of the bush and introduce yourself like this " hi I'm the girl you BF is trying to cheat on you with who thinks he should **** off" that ought a teach em'

Moonditch_fml 19

Sorry you landed on a disrespectful idiot, OP. Don't lose hope though- there are still some good guys out there... really, there are! :)

How is he not a good guy? Maybe his girlfriend is just an overly jealous type.

I think the girlfriend has reason to be overly jealous if her partner dates other girls. OP made it pretty clear that the guy was not a friend, but a potential partner. **** his girlfriends life, would I say. I hope you told her about it, OP. She might not believe you, but then you did atleast the right thing.

I agree with 66, you should have told her that her boyfriend's a jerk-off. You shouldn't have hid, all you're doing is allowing him to continue being a douche. F the girlfriends life for having an ass for a boyfriend.

Kn0wledge123 21

Was that a serious comment #61? I mean really? You're gonna go with that?

Very late reply but YES i am serious? Where the hell does it say she was dating him? She said she was going to meet him, how do you know they're not friends? All it says is she went to meet up with him and that she went to his house to see him.

it is HEAVILY implied. why would she be upset if she was just his friend.... so its obvious something is going on there

trishmg12 4

you shouldn't have taken that. you deserve someone who isn't going to so those kinds of things to you.

Well were you meeting up with him for a date or just to hang out? if it's to hang, I don't see anything wrong with it....

but the fact is he made her hide in a bush!!! Yh of course he would have done that if they were just "hanging out"

Max24KB 0

I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be an fml if they were just friends

okiidokii_fml 6

yeah, you never know. Maybe the OP was a close girl that's a friend and his girlfriend is over protective. or.... she came there and he told her to wait on the bush and she didn't or maybe she did and then yelled at him. this is lacking info

Why does your comment have a thumbs up #75 when mine saying basically the same, that she could be a jealous GF and they are just friends, has like 14 thumbs down? FML.

Gurljuice 0

Yep. Definitely should've either walked away or continued on to the house and let him deal with the repercussions of his girlfriend finding out about you -- whether you're a platonic friend or something more. You should not have to hide.

definitely shoulda introduced yourself and said why you're there and walked away.

Well idk why you stayed hiding. You should have just got up and left, even if the girlfriend saw, she should know her boyfriend is a cheating dick.

SarahMae2014 10

i would've walked right up and knocked on the door and whenever the dorr opened walk up to the other girl and say, "oh, you must be his cousin...i'm his girlfriend"

strainer04 8

that would have been awesome!

did you actually stay behind the bush? bc I would have left his cheating ass.